The website not included no ranking and what factors

rankings? The contents of the original degree of

1, the content of the website is in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations: now in the domestic website, website must pass the website for the record to the official website for the record can be on-line, on-line, the content of the website that basically is lawful, the content of the website is to meet the search engines index basically rules. And some Adsense or enterprise, in order to avoid the domestic laws and regulations, or engaged in the dissemination of some illegal content, domain name and website space and the purchase of foreign countries, this type of website is difficult to be included and ranking.

if you encounter sites not included no ranking? Please read ah, Shanghai dragon is optimized for you analyze why you have no web site included and rankings, let you know the website included and ranking and what factors. Want to improve your site and ranking, as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is especially important to understand the search engine and ranking techniques.

is now the rapid development of the Internet, every day will produce hundreds of millions of content information, the search engine will be processed and analyzed every day a lot of search data, processing above the network generated content, determine what content is included, what information will be shielded not included, for the homogenization of the information network on the search engine. It will take a selective grasp and give users access to the rankings, more volume, long-term stability of original host domain name and website content update is better, optimize the website platform better prioritizes included and given ranking. For long-term acquisition above Internet content information platform.


as the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion staff, in others in the website optimization process, often encounter problems such as "web content or not included, or included no ranking, encounter this problem, most of Shanghai dragon Er are very distressed, want to break the scalp is also included in the site do not know why. Is not high, why not the content of the website rankings? Especially beginners Shanghai dragon Er do not know how to deal with the website not included no ranking of similar problems, who came to Shanghai dragon today optimization and we chat about the website not included no ranking factors have? And how to improve the content of the web site included and

2, the website: for most sites, sites will be collected on the network some content into the site on the line before the need to enrich website content, website online, still in the online collection of content filling site, this approach is unfavorable for the site of the Shanghai Dragon optimization the search engine, is also very difficult to collect the content of the website, the website is also very difficult to give the corresponding weight value and ranking.

as the Shanghai dragon Er, the optimization of the site in addition to the host server, good stability and stable CDN domain name and website program, included and ranking sites with these factors are closely related to:

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