Shanghai Longfeng practice 5 keyword ranking analysis

is another interesting love Shanghai referred to "make it more friendly to search engine and users, and get the reasonable flow." And I say, "the website search engine friendly, make the website user friendly to the search engine.". It should be exactly the latter point, because the love of Shanghai based on the position, is not convenient to say here refers to the "user" is their users and non users.

for service companies, naturally there is essential difference and product of the company. The goal of the former is often only when keywords ranking, keyword ranking can go up after the customer side from the collection; and the corresponding Shanghai Longfeng involves a much broader, because there are many methods to improve the flow is independent of the key words, even the keywords ranking also often need to achieve volume through technical means (often foreign trade station the tens of thousands, a handful of Shanghai Longfeng outstanding foreign website will do ten million), very little contact problems of promoting the single keyword ranking. So that their ranking in the single or keywords >

the wording here is very worthy of scrutiny. Because the industry such as medical from Shanghai Longfeng department is responsible for processing the content, so I said, will also create text information and even some relationship between the Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai to write more easy when it is put forward, Shanghai dragon should do, is to strengthen the show in the form of high quality content.

in the third article "the Shanghai dragon series website on the search engine user friendly", I mentioned the word "the website more valuable information to better show the form to the user". This is the most I will summarize the thousands of hours of effort in the Shanghai dragon above the. Recently the new love of Shanghai on the Shanghai Longfeng proposal, is also very similar to Shanghai, summed up as: "Shanghai dragon can help you better quality content in the website is presented to the search engines, get more traffic".

is indeed the essence of Shanghai dragon. Such as the third series of Amazon mentioned in the "What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?" recommendation module is the most typical example, it will display the appropriate links in place, do not consider any irrelevant things, just so you can get the results of Shanghai dragon.

and his recent entry of a service company, realized behind the overall level of the Shanghai dragon, more attention is not necessary too care about. The number of years of experience in the company, mainly for the keyword ranking method to do nothing more than three points, the title words, page text content and improve keyword density, the hair of the chain. After all, although the details of many years of experience have accumulated down, generally just outside the chain of skills. In any case, for a company with years of experience, or have to make people feel surprised.


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