Soft Wen write four simple steps

search engine has become more and more mature on a site outside the chain of quality. The forum outside the chain of overwhelming, traditional forms of disaster caused by flooding water has been far from, but outside the chain of high quality standard. But this soft Wen contribute more and high quality of the chain in new forms more webmaster’s favor. However, the soft article submission of strict examination system and let the webmaster flinch. Today I introduce this soft written four simple steps, I hope you can help.

summary or supplement. In fact, to enrich the content of each title has completed a soft, basically the end, only need to make a simple summary or supplement. The common end has two kinds: one is to begin with the echo once again highlighted the theme; two is to add some general. Compared with the beginning of the end, can be in the language and the length of some relatively simple, without adding too many gorgeous modified.

Put forward higher requirements for the

3, heading to break one by one. The outline is listed in the title is the content of the distal portion of an article, as long as a little out every point of view can clarify the title. For details of these content authors do not have too many constraints, you can freely, when necessary to insert full example. The basic requirement is the sentence written language and ideas clearly. Note that each title should is parallel to each other, so try not to in length is too large. Each word can be launched with the 1-3 title.

2, striking a good beginning. At the beginning is the test of a part of the writing skills. This section requires a written and concise information to cover the complete. Three at the beginning of the essential information including: writing background, the main idea, writing purpose. This is the beginning of the three most basic elements. The ability can also add some beautiful words and sentences, to inspire readers to continue reading interest, at the same time should avoid oral statements. At the beginning of the article recommended 3-5 sentences to complete.

At the end of 4,

soft to focus on argumentation, rather than simply lyrical, concise language to express clearly. So the webmaster don’t put the soft the difficulty of exaggerated, as long as the writing and more practice, to develop a good habit of written, write a high quality soft Wen is not a difficult task. Finally I wish you to write on the road in the soft Everything is going smoothly.

1, outlining your ideas. Outline the significance of two aspects: one is to clarify the development of the whole paper, clear the central idea, to prevent stray phenomenon in the process of writing. The two is to subdivide the whole article, written to outline the break, thereby reducing the difficulty. The outline should include the following parts: first, the main content of the article topic headings, simple and end. A complete list of the outline, the article is half done, because the framework has been built up, and then modify the polishing are completed on the basis of this framework of the.


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