Taking into account the search how to build a very fruitful Forum

: a basic guide consciousnessThe

two: prevention forum vulgarization


a vulgar forum first not netizens love, because high-quality people never vulgar and those who live together under one roof, if not controlled, then the site will only more development more vulgar. The construction of a very fruitful forum must be on the content of the speech, video and music are controlled, even if the search engines do not cover you, or the Ministry of Public Security Bureau will come to.


three: good vest with

four: professional information construction

number vest what effect? The most important thing is to boost popularity, even though a new open forum, a day not many people visit, then you registered dozens of Ma3 jia3, their fry, others will think you have a popular forum. A popular forum, will bring more people to stay. In addition, specific speculation can also vest some posts, similar to that of "Navy" role. In addition to the appropriate use of positive number vest can drive the users, on some controversial Posts vest "bombing", can quickly enhance the activity of forum.

forum is different from the ordinary construction site, BBS is the electronic bulletin board service, is a multi user community activities. So as a webmaster, need to understand the basic legal knowledge, understand the current national regulations and policies. Some of the topics may appear in the forum to stifle or guide the speculation, to achieve the purpose of the popular interactive community. Also note that the current relevant laws and regulations and even search engines are particularly great importance to copyright, as a webmaster want to play the role of copyright protection, otherwise once the copyright disputes of the forum would be over estimated.

site construction mainly has two types: the first general WEB site, such as setting up a variety of CMS system website, including common e-commerce, information content, display development website. The second is "the door, rely mainly on the forum apartment layout" strong popular BBS to boost the overall development of the website. But in comparison, in the first CMS station is far higher than the second "BBS" type. Why? Because of the construction of a successful forum is more difficult. But if the forum pre operating properly, maintenance later is far less than the former. Today we will analyze, on the premise of the search, how to build a very fruitful forum.

forum is not only a place of entertainment, it is the user to collect information. Internet users are not only for entertainment, they stay in a forum more for entertainment at the same.

a very fruitful forum must have its attraction, or the development of these things is the site of the shop, only context more widely, will flow more blood, grow more flesh. So how have the "context" of

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