From the three aspects of how to build a high weight website

: a web site to do the chain.

of large and medium-sized Web columns are more, many people can not grasp a framework of the whole, the internal structure of large and medium-sized website is very important, the weight must be evenly distributed, or late long tail word is very difficult to get good rankings. The internal structure is the main hierarchy, don’t put all the columns are arranged in parallel, is all set to a channel, or the site itself has a large number of columns, but no more than two, because a lot of people always feel that too many levels of the recorded negative, in fact you set is negative, but the long-term consideration is not conducive to the development of the website, the specific reason not to say here, you can see my site, with a maximum of five or six layers, as long as the link structure is reasonable, will be included. The chain is the most important part of large and medium-sized sites, most of the things about the chain can be found in a large number of articles on the A5, I will simply say I think several important points, I think the most important is the content page called random article list, because this can make a web site to form a large very good, let the spider in freedom around, of course, there is also a problem, is the best can do long random call within the article, such as a month before the random call within the article, because if there is no time limit, so the earlier post is called the probability of more big, pass this chain distribution and the weight is not uniform.

The 1,

the weight of the website depends largely on the chain and chain, even if the chain is very strong but also cannot do without a solid backing of the site within the chain, the website chain layout to improve the weight of the website can play a decisive role, so the construction of large and medium-sized website weight should begin from the inside the construction of the chain. The site within the chain link to do fine, reasonable structure, clear, then you have half the success. The construction of the chain should pay attention to the following:

construction from which aspects.

two: the chain of high quality essential

The construction method of

site outside the chain that stationmaster friends already know a lot, such as blogs, forums, quizzes, etc. information network classification methods are and we must learn for having heard it many times. Believe that every webmaster have experience of foreign chain construction of their own experience, but a lot of people only know that according to previous experience in doing, but not a very important problem: the construction site outside the chain of universality and high quality Links. Links is a very important process in the construction of the chain of high quality Links is very helpful for the weight of the website promotion. So when do Links, the first step is to choose the high quality Links. What kind of Links is high quality? The PR value high, a new snapshot, included, the chain wide, Alexa ranking, keyword ranking in the home, such Links are of high quality, the choice of friends chain suggestions from these considerations.

structure and reasonable distribution chain

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