Google has confirmed the shielding Microsoft WP version of YouTube applications

, Microsoft and Google had cooperation for the WP user YouTube application development. But at the time of the release, the app does not meet Google’s requirements, which means that something is wrong. The industry believes that this issue, more responsibility should be out in the Microsoft body. But the real losers are those who wish to use mobile phone to watch the video of the WP mobile phone users. Because Google and Microsoft feud, which is not conducive to their users. (for Google YouTube users, Microsoft is the mobile user.

YouTube spokesman said in a statement, Microsoft did not let the browser upgrade if necessary, in order to ensure the normal function of all experience YouTube. This leads to the application of YouTube the Company re released in violation of our terms of service." For this reason, Google screen WP version of Microsoft’s new YouTube application. Microsoft spokesman said the company is working with Google to cooperate to solve this problem."

Tencent in August 16th compiled

(micro-blog) on Thursday confirmed that the company has shielded the Windows Phone version of the latest release of the Microsoft YouTube application. Microsoft on Tuesday just released the WP version of the latest YouTube applications, then one day there are users reflect the app. Now it is clear that the Microsoft YouTube application problems, due to the Google screen app.


this year, Google and Microsoft have been repeatedly in the email and calendar synchronization, mobile map access, WP version of YouTube application on issues such as the rivalry. Although most users will see Microsoft’s move a bit naughty, but in the eyes of Google, Microsoft is certainly out of their own purpose and intentional act.

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