Analysis of Shanghai Dragon the news source or a chain of new media communication

often write soft webmaster may not unfamiliar to the word "news source", you do not need brains to think of a way to find the portal contribute to do publicity, to do is to find the "news source" type website after the corresponding genre contribute, can make a soft spread size portal. Such as A5, "Internet" category is a good love Shanghai news source, so it has been favored by many webmaster. But all the "news source". But in the new requirements, therefore contribute content more sense of time with fresh force.

not all of the articles in the news source site can spread widely, each portal has its own positioning standard. And the higher the weight, the more well known sites of this requirement is high. Generally speaking, if a high quality of soft Wen into the news source, which is reproduced in the number is much higher than the general information of the text. The quality of soft is the article expounds the value, how much you can bring the reading information, consistent with the public taste, read the benefit, is a high quality of soft Wen, also other portal sites will be reproduced. Conversely, a low quality of the article, even if the content is fresh enough, but must have written such topic is also more than one person, merit has become the best choice for them. Therefore, after submitted to the soft news source, if you want to achieve more portal reproduced effect, the soft quality is an indispensable factor.

owners looking for high power.

: understand the meaning of

three: portal reproduced, soft quality indispensable

"soft Wen promotion", but in the webmaster circle development is only confined to the "trial" the promotion of soft paper, a soft, just stay in the circle to do promotion. So many webmaster aimed at the "portal promotion", but the Internet portal to contribute and uncertainty as everyone knows, the copyright information is not accurate, became one of the biggest factors. But the article is really not in the door? The answer is no, in fact, every day there are a large number of articles were collected every kind of portal reproduced in a complete mess after finishing, which also has a lot of website benefited. The portal submission difficult, how to solve this dilemma? The author thinks: "the news source" submission or solve the grassroots webmaster portal submission difficulties.

news source site

continue to use the A5 Adsense nets are in stationmaster net every day there is a large number of Internet information, and these articles have a common characteristic of "original and fresh", Journal of success rate is larger and the first premise, after all, if an article has been changed after N again the submission, even if it is original, it can bring much value? The other similar "good choice value China such website submission" is the webmaster, but it is worth noting that: do not try to contribute to Shanghai Longfeng class topic, try to write the Internet information or comments of the content, Shanghai dragon already and you’re not what disaster caused by flooding water. Expert.

news source site

two: how to contribute to the

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