Love Shanghai and deceive the discussion on the existing site outside the chain

love Shanghai this year’s action is able to perform wonders is gratified, some might think this is cheating " " move. But imagine if the search engine is to guide the future of the Internet will exist in what way might like a street as well. In fact, the psoriasis advertising chain principle love Shanghai not only for you, but is to reduce our work, let Shanghai dragon Er this occupation from some cock gas. Think before we do stand all day, day and night to send the chain to find resources forum has a patch copy on some of the hurt does not itch, is not to leave the anchor in the signature? Even with the software on behalf of Bo! "

, it is also a fundamental principle of Robin Li hyperlink analysis technology

believes that a lot of people just contact Shanghai dragon does not know what is really the chain, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er first contact with the industry, the first station is certainly love sea N material for study, summed up a set of ideas to be implemented. But all the literature on the authority between Chinese love? " " normal use, shortcut; layout software, garbage information, trading chain is certainly quite a number of people believe, these people no matter what you outside of the chain, can reach as long as they can enhance the site weight to OK., which also led to the chain, the major trading in recent years BBS, blog platform, yellow pages and other rubbish information like the Yellow River flood. Get out of hand can see that this has become Shanghai dragon Er " industry standard " of course it is a bad habit. Like many webmaster Almost forgot the site the meaning of existence, only users of his site is like a machine (such as search engine spiders), as long as the search engine spider said it was OK, while people experience less as long as the price tag " " you can, the problem of.

, at least 80 will tell you that the use of blog, BBS, information release station, love the products of Shanghai released a free link, there will even be a part of your trading links. Now tell you to ask him the question, if this is the answer, then I can be very responsible to tell you, this is completely misleading. Here must encounter some criticism, but it doesn’t change the so-called " the chain Commissioner ".

love Shanghai Lee recently issued a judgment principle of the chain, believe that many webmaster will be at a loss. Because the majority of owners in the thriller website chain skills are more or less touch to the Shanghai love chain rule red. But don’t think it is able to perform wonders pit, because we work more easily, without it seems like the game to send the chain every day, but the use of website promotion more ingenious way to get real friendly external websites or recommend.

; fate You ask 100 Shanghai dragon Er chain do before in the Shanghai Dragon World

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