Google 1 how to influence the results of the search button

2) +1 button will effect my website in search of

compared with the content recommended by friends and strangers, acquaintances recommended more meaningful content. For example, experts from the critics, although very useful, but with your friends to write the film similar taste is more suitable for you. Therefore, to determine the correlation in the noble baby web page and the user query of your friends and contacts, the +1 recommendation is the effective reference information. Of course, this is just one of the nobles to baby page relevance and many factors determine the ranking, we are still in the continuous adjustment and improvement of our algorithm, in order to improve the overall quality of search. For +1, as with all new ranking reference factors, we began to use will remain cautious, and study their impact on the quality of the search.

if the user +1 has recommended a URL in your web site, the system will display the search results and search advertising in the URL of the noble baby search add comments in the. However, your website may through different web sites show the same content. For example, your website may have multiple page lists with a set of products. A web page display products in alphabetical order, "according to the price or other scores of these products.

+1 button can help users find relevant content from their understanding and trust of the people there (website, noble baby search results or advertising). Add the +1 button on your page, users can recommend content, because they know their friends and contacts in the most needed (also is to find relevant content in search of noble baby) will see their recommendation.

has logged nobility baby users search, your search results by the noble baby will mark the +1 button has recommended your web page user contact name. If the user contacts without the use of +1 to recommend your web page, you will display the total number of times the page has been recommended by +1.


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3) from my website +1 recommendation will appear in the search results of

if a noble baby knows that these pages have the same content, we may be only one version included in the search results. Therefore, the other version of the +1 recommendation may not be displayed in the search results. You can add rel=" to the non preferred version of each page; canonical" attribute, which can ensure the noble baby in the search results.



+ project and push the new function, which is currently not the raise a Babel of criticism of (Google +1) button. Google has also made it clear that this is one of the factors affecting the ranking result. So what we see (Google +1) is how to influence the ranking result.

1) +1 button the impact on

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