MoviePass may resurrect its unlimited movie plan next week

first_imgMoviePass, the company that lost a large number of customers last year as it struggled to survive, will relaunch its unlimited movie plan next month, according to a new report. The revived unlimited plan will join MoviePass’s multiple new, restrictive subscription options, which limit customers to three movies per month with various perks depending on the customer’s plan. Once upon a time — that is, from late 2017 through early 2018 — MoviePass allowed customers to see an unlimited number of movies for around $10 per month, a rate that many had criticized as unsustainable. Things started to change quickly around last summer when MoviePass introduced a growing number of restrictions, much to the frustration of customers.In its latest form, MoviePass mirrors some of its competitors, offering three monthly subscription plans, each with a cap of three movies per month. Customers who choose the cheapest plan, which starts at $9.95/month depending on the user’s location, are limited to a select number of 2D movies.Customers who want more can upgrade from that basic “Select” plan to the more expensive “All Access” plan, which covers all 2D movies across the approximately 30,000 theaters in the MoviePass network. Finally, the “Red Carpet” plan allows customers to make one of their monthly movies an IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, or REAL D 3D film.Unlike MoviePass’s previous business model, the current plans are priced based on the user’s location — customers in more expensive parts of the country will see higher rates than those who live in cheaper states. According to MoviePass executive VP Khalid Itum, who recently spoke with Variety, the company plans to relaunch an unlimited movie plan next week, but there’s no word on how much customers can expect to pay.Customers currently pay at least $19.95/month for the Red Carpet plan, though users located in major cities may pay the higher $24.95/month rate. It’s safe to say the unlimited plan will cost more than that, but it’s impossible to guess what rate MoviePass is aiming for. Story TimelineMoviePass forces some former users to opt out of new chargesAMC Stubs A-List MoviePass alternative price hike arrives in JanuaryMoviePass Films signs three-movie deal with actor Bruce Willislast_img

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