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first_img Last Updated Mar 18, 2019 by Kelly VoFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail Top MBA Recruiters: Merck regions: Atlanta / Baltimore / Boston / Chicago / Dallas / Denver / Houston / London / Los Angeles / Miami / New York City / Online / Philadelphia / Research Triangle / San Diego / San Francisco / Seattle / Toronto / Washington, DC About the AuthorKelly Vo    Kelly Vo is a writer who specializes in covering MBA programs, digital marketing, and personal development.View more posts by Kelly Vo center_img RelatedPharma Careers Highlight This Week’s Newest MBA JobsAs modern medicine and healthcare continues to advance, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers require new hires with analytical abilities, business acumen and problem solving skills to help innovate. MBAs will be relied on to lead these firms, the miracle drugs they produce, and the lives they serve, into the future.…March 13, 2019In “Aetna”New MBA Jobs at Major Health Care Providers and Pharmaceutical FirmsAs Baby Boomers age and make up a more significant portion of the population, more Americans rely on health insurance providers and prescription drugs. In fact, Center for Disease Control stats show that more Americans are taking prescription drugs than ever. More patients and more drugs means a greater need…January 16, 2019In “Aetna”JHU Carey Professor Wins Award for Innovative TeachingToby Gordon, an associate professor at the John Hopkins Carey Business School, has recently received an award for innovation in teaching. On October 22, she received $1,000 from the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration for her role managing Carey’s Discovery to Market technology transfer course. In the…October 30, 2013In “News” Global health care is one of the fastest growing sectors in 2019, with Deloitte expecting spending to reach $10.059 trillion by 2022. Thanks to aging and growing populations, you can expect a greater prevalence of chronic diseases, ultimately translating to exponential advances in innovative technologies, medicines, and care.For MBA graduates, this translates into a huge potential for job opportunities in the health care sector. In particular, there are opportunities for:New innovative technologies and personalized programs to engage with consumers.Better data security and ownership.Increased health care delivery and mobility.One of the companies at the leading edge of this sector is Merck. About MerckMerck & Co is an American pharmaceutical company—one of the largest in the world. Established in 1891 as a U.S. subsidiary of the German company, Merck (founded in 1668), the company is the seventh largest pharmaceutical companies by market capitalization and revenue. Headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, Merck ranks 78th on the Fortune 500.In August 2014, Merck research and development had led to the approval of more new pharmaceuticals than any other company. The work covers six key research areas including:DiabetesInfectious diseases such as Hepatitis C, Antimicrobial Resistance, and HIVOncologyVaccinesAnimal HealthCardiovascular, Sleep Disorders, and Women’s HealthThe company has locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, New York City, Boston, and more.Key Facts About Merck293 million people reached69,000 employees34 percent of roles held by womenOperations in more than 140 countriesSpent $7.9 billion in R&D in 2018$40.122 billion in revenue$2.394 billion in net incomeWorking at Merck as an MBAAs one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, there are many opportunities for MBA graduates at Merck. Not only does the company offer multiple internships for nine to eleven weeks every summer, but for recent graduates, there’s an opportunity for a four- to six-month co-op assignment. MBAs can choose to work in a variety of fields including:Human and Animal Research and DevelopmentCommunicationsSupply ChainEngineering & ManufacturingFinanceMarketingInformation TechnologyThere are also entry-level and rotation programs to help develop an MBA graduate’s further develop their skills. These are ideal for any MBA graduate looking to improve their forward momentum. A few examples include:The Leadership Development Program: The LDP is a three-year opportunity to experience the core work necessary to manufacture and supply Merck’s products. Each employee will have three, one-year rotations aligned to either a technical, business, or operations focus.The Early Emerging Talent Rotation Program: The ETR program offers recent college graduates a chance to experience different areas of IT over two and a half years.What Employees Have to SayAccording to Payscale, Merck employers rank the company:3.6 stars out of 5 for satisfactionHighly stressfulHighly flexibleAnd on Glassdoor, out of 3,200 reviews, Merck receives a 3.7 out of 5 stars overall with 73 percent of employers willing to recommend the company to a friend. According to those self-same employers, the pros of working at Merck include a “great culture and work-life balance” (264 reviews) and “good benefits and good training programs” (223 reviews). On the flip side, 85 reviewers state that upper management doesn’t value staff. There’s also not as much opportunity for growth as there was in the past.According to Payscale, Meck employees earn an average annual salary of $97,000; the average is higher for those with MBA degrees.Here’s what employees have to say about working at Merck.So, it should be no surprise that Merck is ranked 4th in Best Workplaces for Giving Back in 2018 and 10th in Best Workplaces in Health Care & Biopharma in 2018.Compensation and BenefitsWhile there is no specific information available about how much an MBA at Merck can expect to earn, the average employee salary is $97,000, according to Payscale. When you break that down by degree, a Master of Science employee earns between $63k and $140k, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) earns between $59k and $175k. MBAs can assume that they would be on the upper end of that scale.As for benefits, Merck offers company-wide health and wellness, retirement, and insurance programs. There’s a defined pension plan as well as a 401(k) plan and more.Starting a Merck CareerTo start your career at Merck, MBAs should first consider a summer internship. These internships last 9 to 11 weeks and occur between June and August. Most internship opportunities can be found in Kenilworth, New Jersey. However, there are also internships in Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, San Francisco, and West Point. You can find a full list here.The Perfect MBA For a Merck CareerAccording to Paysa, around 7 percent of Merck employees have an MBA. As for where they earn that degree, that’s up to you. Several of the most prominent business schools to offer a healthcare-focused MBA include:The Wharton School – Health Care Management MBAColumbia Business School – Health and Pharmaceutical Management MBAUCLA Anderson – Health Care Management MBAAs for where Merck recruits. They head to universities across the U.S. including Penn State, Rutgers, NC State, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University, Temple University, Drexel University, and more. Find more upcoming recruiting events here.last_img

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