Dear Most Beloved True Mother Dr Otsuka made us

first_imgDear Most Beloved True Mother,Dr. Otsuka made us very happy during his visit in Iceland when he showed us the video of his presentation in Cheon Cheong Gung about the ILC in Vienna. In the beginning you looked so stressed, but as he continued his presentation about IAPD you started to smile and became so happy. It was so wonderful to see your beautiful smile. We are so grateful to him. We held an UPF seminar in Reykjavik on 8th of June including 7 religious leaders. I gave a divine principle lecture on the fall of man (Chapter2) and Dr. Otsuka spoke about IAPD. All 40 participants were so happy. From here we want to avoid talking about secular matters and catch the interest in divine principle to educate more. We experienced vertical alignment and subsequent work of our absolute good ancestors.At present we read your Anthology and I keep remembering your story in book one of a flower in the green- house and the same flower was thrown into the desert. You compared your life before and after the Holy Blessing in 1960 with this flower. I felt so sorry imagining how this flower must feel. On Ascension Day I bought a rose-flower-pot in the department store. When I left the store the flower started to talk to me. When I try to remember what it said I cannot describe it in words, because there was no word I can remember clearly. It was as if the flower was happy to leave shop meeting the sun and asking where we go. The voice was so sweet unworried, and tender. I want to believe it was yours.My dear True Mother I want to show you beautiful, peaceful Iceland its intense green meadows, untouched, unspoiled nature, fresh air and clear spring water. I wish to bring you to Ilulissat in Greenland to see how icebergs are calving into the ocean. Green- land is the only oriental country of Europe. The Prime Minister has received True Father autobiography a few years ago.I wish to introduce the Faroe Islands to you the next neighbor to Iceland. Its people are the most religious people of Europe and far beyond.I wish to be close to you once in my life time physically without too many people around, even though I am most unworthy. But you visit me many times in my dreams and DaeMoNim looked after my family for many years.Thank you, thank you, and thank you!Your unworthy son and daughterRohan Stefan Nandkisore, Atsumi Kanno Nandkisore (Iceland) Reykjavik, 2018.06.19 /2018.05.06 I grew up like a beautiful flower in a greenhouse, in the most peaceful surroundings and atmosphere. After the Holy Wedding, it was like I had been plucked out of the greenhouse and thrown into a desert….last_img

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