On the field Kaepernick had the golden ticket and completely blew it

first_img Advertisement When the Chargers host the 49’ers tonight, all eyes will be on Colin Kaepernick and what he does during the national anthem. San Diego is a proud military town, and there’s a good chance it could devolve into a hostile environment.But, beyond the controversy surrounding what has become THE hot-button national issue, is the reality that Kaepernick could be playing for a roster spot tonight. A bad outing could convince the Niners that he has declined to such a point that his talent doesn’t justify enduring the controversy surrounding his weekly protests during the season.Once dubbed “the future of the quarterback position”, Kaepernick looks thin and weak, and hasn’t shown a hint of the flash took San Francisco within one play of a Super Bowl title against the Ravens in 2013. How did it come to this?Today in The Herd, Colin said that Kaepernick walked onto the perfect situation in San Francisco when he was drafted, and he completely blew it. “Colin Kaepernick was given the golden ticket. Name a quarterback that’s come into this league that got arguably the second best coach in the league, Jim Harbaugh. The best offensive mind, Greg Roman, as a coordinator. A top running back, the top tight end, an unbelievable defense. A staff so good, they got Alex Smith an overtime special teams fumble away from a Super Bowl.”The fourth preseason game is seen around the league as irrelevant, but if Kaepernick plays poorly, he may find himself sitting on his couch during the national anthem, not an an NFL team bench.Colin Kaepernick was given a golden ticket with the 49ers and completely blew it. #HerdHere pic.twitter.com/6n0SWqNYuY— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) September 1, 2016last_img

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