Jennifer Walters will no longer be SheHulk in new series

first_imgMajor comics crossover events always lead to major changes. One such shift, announced Monday, has one long-time character picking up a new title.Spoilers for the Civil War II event.Jennifer Walters, best known as the feisty and joyful She-Hulk (always a welcome change compared to her more sullen cousin Bruce Banner), will no longer be known as She-Hulk. Rather, she’ll be picking up the Hulk mantle in a new series set to arrive in December.The series, from writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Nico Leon will pick up after Civil War II. For those who missed the huge, somewhat middling crossover event, Walters suffered near-fatal injuries after being hit by one of War Machine’s stray missiles in a battle with Thanos. Besides being in a coma for a major portion of the story, she is also dealing with Bruce’s death, who was shot by Hawkeye in Civil War II #3.According to the A.V. Club, Axel Alonso, Marvel’s editor-in-chief, says the new series will have Walters coming to terms with the death and the psychological and emotional implications of her new role, along with her trying to resume her life.Courtesy MarvelTamaki, who is most known for working on the Eisner Award-winning This One Summer and a run of TMNT comics, said she’s looking forward to tackling the emotional stakes of the series.This is excellent news for the character, who is a standout on her own, but due to her name is most often sidelined compared to her more famous cousin. Plus, the name “She-Hulk” doesn’t inspire originality, instead reminding the reader of the original Hulk rather than the character she’s become since her debut in 1980.Compared to Banner, whose most prominent conflict deals with his internal struggles with his alter ego, Walters has accepted her green form. She’s proud of She-Hulk, and is a hero about self-love and empowerment.We’re still mixed on the idea that Marvel had to kill off Banner in a moment of weakness for both Hawkeye and the other heroes against him, but if anybody is going to replace the green monster we’re glad it’s Walters–another green monster.last_img

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