Watch Octopus Fights Vlogger Who Tries to Eat It Alive

first_img Alligators Spotted ‘Swimming’ in Road, Climbing Fences in FloridaBaby Dugong That Became Internet Star Dies After Ingesting Plastic Stay on target An octopus got sweet eight-legged revenge on a vlogger who tried to eat it alive — live on camera.The live streamer known as “seaside girl Little Seven” loves to eat seafood and shares videos on Kuaishou, a Chinese platform, The New York Post reported. However, her attempt to eat this squirmy cephalopod went horribly wrong when it decided to latch onto her face and stay there.Video footage shows the woman smiling as she’s about to devour the octopus. But, the octopus pulled an Arya Stark, said “not today,” and attached its tentacles to her skin. As she tries to remove the creature, it manages to grasp onto her eye, and clearly, this octopus was not going to have a lunch or dinner fate. The woman was struggling to set herself free, and cried in agony in the process.After a bloody showdown with the eight-legged animal, she said, “I’ll eat it in the next video,” according to Metro. Once she removed the octopus, it left a slight cut on her cheek, which she pointed out in the clip.Social media users were amused and said she deserved the mini-attack: “She deserves it,” one social media user wrote. “She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too.” Another user commented, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”More on the 84-Year-Old Man Known As the ‘Octopus Whisperer’Girl Accidentally Brings Home Deadly Blue-Ringed OctopusRarely Seen ‘Ghostly’ Dumbo Octopus Caught on Cameralast_img

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