Child-porn docs still work in medicine

first_imgSunday Star Times 2 Dec 2012An Auckland GP convicted of possessing images of child abuse is among the criminal medical professionals allowed to keep working.Nineteen medical professionals with criminal convictions have appeared before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in the past three years, with eight struck off. Offences included grooming children for sex, assaulting a police officer, fraud and drug dealing.A child advocate says the decision to allow two doctors to keep working despite being caught with images of child abuse raises serious questions about the tribunal. “They should have been struck off,” Stop Demand founder Denise Ritchie said. “These men have a sexual interest in children.”Parents would be horrified to learn their family doctor had masturbated to images of young girls, she said.The Auckland GP was granted permanent name suppression after being sentenced to four months’ home detention and being suspended from work for nine months. He now works at an Auckland clinic and listed his expertise as child health and obstetrics.He was caught with 290,000 images of pornography featuring young girls, and is now on medication to reduce his pornography addiction. Conditions around continuing to practise include counselling and mentoring. However, a psychiatric report raised concerns that his criminal urges might return if he stopped taking his medication.“There does remain an inevitable question mark over whether Dr Y will escape from this addiction,” the tribunal noted.The doctor and clinic refused to comment.

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