Personal summary of four ways to improve website traffic


website is to make money, how to make money this is all done and want to do the people are most concerned about the problem? Here is the way and I share, 15 days from 2000IP to 150IP, but it is not very difficult, because I was a lazy man, now put my experience out and everyone share, master not to see below, IP below 500 to see below.

1, find someone else to do links

, if you are a new station, you must find someone else to do links, or in major forums and blogs on the article, remember to bring your own web site. It took me 3 days to get my two stations included. To show you, read more

Personal webmaster success experience talk about how effective market segments

as a webmaster, specifically, grassroots webmaster, there is no good team behind, strong financial support, but not a huge background. Some are just confident and eager that they can succeed by doing it. Perhaps a lot of people have similar situations with me, with the passion for entrepreneurship, and firmly moving forward on the road to do so. However, five years ago, ten years ago, the Internet is still in the infancy stage of development, individual owners who are also in the initial stage, has not grown as we know the success of the Internet giants who, compared to the current age of the Internet, they are "pioneers", but also have more opportunities than today lucky. read more

Why don’t you do a web site without your own stuff

has just done the station, just a few months time, perhaps the newborn calf is not afraid of tiger, dare to take a challenge, now a lot of web titles. Here not to say only to earn a lot of money on the professional garbage station, only to talk about some so-called formal Station – there is no content of their own garbage.


had no website, when Baidu or Google search for the information they want, numerous repetitive web pages came into view, and I will choose a relatively famous website to enter. The content is the same, the famous plays a decisive role, those who have never heard of, but also the content and major websites rarely patronize as like as two peas. read more

Shopping guide website no difference no future

recently, there has been a lot of discussion about shopping guide websites. Especially in Taobao banned beautiful say,, fold 800, shopping guide website began to transition. And whether the existence of shopping guide on the value of, and shopping guide transformation of the road can be successful point of view is one after another. As a long-term immersion in shopping guide sites, users of the depth of my shopping guide website view is that shopping guide website is absolutely, just need, success depends on whether the positioning is clear. read more

Our name is webmaster our voice is helpless our slogan is to persist

on the Internet, there is a group of people, they silently in the background hard, silently looking for information, yes, they might have the advertising revenue, they might have the alliance business, but they are still under great pressure, the server costs, the stability of the space, the security of the website, seemingly young Internet is behind a helpless stationmaster.

in some of the spectator, the webmaster is happiness, the accumulation of website advertising, and one can control a webmaster website. The bitterness behind who knows? There are websites but not necessarily have traffic flow, but not necessarily have advertising, advertising does not have income, facing the huge economic portal the strength and technical strength, we also face the challenge of the website webmaster. Visitors decide on what path to follow, the same competition, our future what is the fate of. read more

The first garbage station remember the eternal classic

now, I’ve written my experience of building a garbage dump that’s history. It’s just to motivate more individuals to move forward,


– signature

The first

network, wonderful attracted my.

contact network is probably in 2000, I was in this place, China Telecom began to have broadband, small town of big and small game room after another began to put on a computer, there are some students who look younger and in and out, some day mixed games and surfing the Internet in Internet bar. read more

English station SEO and Japanese station SEO several promotion experience

this time have many SEO sites are in foreign languages, including Japanese English station 2, station 5, have not done before the foreign SEO station, when the feeling in the construction of the chain is very difficult, so that the online around to collect information, and through a lot of practice to find out a little bit rookie level experience, and to share with you.

The chain construction method 1, and Chinese sites like

: for example, to each big BBS, blog to send articles, advertising, personal signature, personal space to send the log, to ask to add URL and so on, this move is mainly aimed at English and Japanese Google, after all, Baidu included the counter the chain effect is small, can not bring potential customers. There is a view that foreign websites on the domestic web site will be K, I personally think it is nonsense, the role is not big, it is worth exploring. read more

Foreign hosts and domain names and some problems in filing

want to make a station recently, but there is no cost, in the Internet all day to find which one server is stable speed and cheap, I am a student, in the bedroom with the campus network, the speed is not to mention, super card! So I have to choose a server can speed the server, at least I can the office in my bedroom!

              but a lot of home server, even the web are particularly difficult do not try! Finally see a foreign server purchasing website, see the line speed, but cheaper than domestic, just do not know what are the limits of foreign space at home? Can record? What site must record? Such as I want to make a deal of foreign website, domain name and space for record filing? Easy? I found a Public opinions are divergent. on these issues for many days, and I don’t know what the server are not ready now! What! We want to point read more

Baidu bidding how to save more money on site bidding

way to make money through the SEO marketing promotion, but the form of advertising there are two types of search engine advertising is divided into advertising and non paid advertising two, in fact, a form of which is good, good use of the benefit, use is not good that your ability to see the Baidu bid form, Baidu bidding very addictive, once through the auction profit, this is suitable for the rich operation. Do not say that the rich are sure that people can operate, look at your choice. Baidu bidding is a big consumer. No pay, of course, you can, this will take a long process to achieve, for example, you optimize a small station, you want to get rankings, you have to do some in line with the search engines to grab the conditions. What we do is how to save money in the form of competitive bidding. read more

A novice webmaster site of the process of confusion

in fact website has been almost 1 years, but in real earnest management can only be said to be from the beginning of this year to the end of April.

the original purpose of the site is very simple, because the city outdoor group QQ too much, so it produces the establishment of the idea, just make friends have a release and share experience activities where he has little to manage. Traffic is negligible every day.

in April this year, I lost my job, I want to say can from the site of the road in a certain way, so the new revised detailed rules, the development of integration strategy, and beautify the related activities of the forum, have done a lot of publicity in the original QQ group, every day, and keep the information related with the city the new release of the post, but nearly half of the month effect is not good, only in the activities, to a little traffic, otherwise it is 10 20 ip. Now I’m confused and I don’t know what to do next to improve this situation, read more