n 2012 the eight most important Shanghai dragon and social media marketing strategy

2, in the major social channels registered brand name

now, if the lack of social policy, a good search engine optimization strategy is not complete, but also a good social media strategy with search engine optimization activities to help you. In order to make your online marketing effectiveness maximization, the following eight is your best strategy should be used:

site search engine optimization audit

allow site visitors to easily keep in touch with your brand can help in several aspects of the brand: first, it is to maximize the value of each site visitor. If they are not ready to buy your product, but they have been very interested, then at least they will follow you on Twitter. This can make you keep in touch with them, but the effect than those from > read more

Pay attention to website title keywords set from the details

, a position before and after the Title Keyword

did the webmaster or web design used drmeaweaver software to design the web of the webmaster can understand, web design will first title keywords and description of "writing code, although the information website users cannot see, but with many years of observation and Research on the search engine for website keywords, head set, keyword description attention gradually increased, in a new round of reform of the search engine, website and the website decisionrelevance of fate, the head set of keywords search engine is the most important criteria for the title of the website, so the keyword set all the webmaster can not be ignored, so how to set good keywords, detailed summarized as follows. read more

Love Shanghai update coming are you ready

two, learn to make love in Shanghai

Shanghai is very picky as everyone knows love also love Shanghai and like people love fresh and new things, if you can guarantee that every day there are new things to let love Shanghai love Shanghai will then browse to your site favored a plus, in the course of time will depend on your love Shanghai site to get good rankings and included.

four, do not abandon, do not give up

, every day to ensure fresh

Five, ensure the stability of the


The chain

three, increase the high quality external links read more

Love Shanghai and deceive the discussion on the existing site outside the chain

love Shanghai this year’s action is able to perform wonders is gratified, some might think this is cheating " " move. But imagine if the search engine is to guide the future of the Internet will exist in what way might like a street as well. In fact, the psoriasis advertising chain principle love Shanghai not only for you, but is to reduce our work, let Shanghai dragon Er this occupation from some cock gas. Think before we do stand all day, day and night to send the chain to find resources forum has a patch copy on some of the hurt does not itch, is not to leave the anchor in the signature? Even with the software on behalf of Bo! " read more

Keywords new found Taobao customers can actually choose that

customers to choose keywords and not Commission of the higher the better, because many small shops will be opened to the Commission set very high, even more than 50%, but the real deal when he will take the price pressure is very low, the postage is very high, because the postage is not Commission, eventually their own interest will suffer, actually this is only a small example, there are more examples to illustrate the necessity of choosing keywords, is not listed here. Below according to their own practical experience and we explore exactly how to find and select keywords. read more

Not cloud tag cloud active optimization effect

adjustment in the heart, is to adjust the tactics. Of course, must always bear in mind: "Shanghai dragon in addition to enhancing efforts in the techniques of spiders to crawl, but also to the user experience on the core." Because, do more optimization, is to allow users to find what they need, on the other hand, the optimization is meaningless.

users, TAG is their navigator. Is the user on the site of the beacon. Many users may come to search for a website through the article, when he finished reading the article, you also want to read relevant content, if the owners have to do TAG guidelines, absolutely can achieve the effect of notes on boat. read more

Analysis of Shanghai Dragon the news source or a chain of new media communication

often write soft webmaster may not unfamiliar to the word "news source", you do not need brains to think of a way to find the portal contribute to do publicity, to do is to find the "news source" type website after the corresponding genre contribute, can make a soft spread size portal. Such as A5, "Internet" category is a good love Shanghai news source, so it has been favored by many webmaster. But all the "news source". But in the new requirements, therefore contribute content more sense of time with fresh force. read more

Google has confirmed the shielding Microsoft WP version of YouTube applications

, Microsoft and Google had cooperation for the WP user YouTube application development. But at the time of the release, the app does not meet Google’s requirements, which means that something is wrong. The industry believes that this issue, more responsibility should be out in the Microsoft body. But the real losers are those who wish to use mobile phone to watch the video of the WP mobile phone users. Because Google and Microsoft feud, which is not conducive to their users. (for Google YouTube users, Microsoft is the mobile user. read more

From the three aspects of how to build a high weight website

: a web site to do the chain.

of large and medium-sized Web columns are more, many people can not grasp a framework of the whole, the internal structure of large and medium-sized website is very important, the weight must be evenly distributed, or late long tail word is very difficult to get good rankings. The internal structure is the main hierarchy, don’t put all the columns are arranged in parallel, is all set to a channel, or the site itself has a large number of columns, but no more than two, because a lot of people always feel that too many levels of the recorded negative, in fact you set is negative, but the long-term consideration is not conducive to the development of the website, the specific reason not to say here, you can see my site, with a maximum of five or six layers, as long as the link structure is reasonable, will be included. The chain is the most important part of large and medium-sized sites, most of the things about the chain can be found in a large number of articles on the A5, I will simply say I think several important points, I think the most important is the content page called random article list, because this can make a web site to form a large very good, let the spider in freedom around, of course, there is also a problem, is the best can do long random call within the article, such as a month before the random call within the article, because if there is no time limit, so the earlier post is called the probability of more big, pass this chain distribution and the weight is not uniform. read more

Farewell to the chain eliminating troubles soft link more awesome diversification

site optimization cannot leave the chain of promotion in Shanghai Longfeng optimization "the chain for emperor" you can get a glimpse of its importance. How much Shanghai Longfeng workers rushing in the chain? In the deluge of advertising information is remarkable. However, efforts to pay and benefits are often not proportional, after repeated promotion, many websites tend to fall into a vicious circle: the promotion of the more diligent, but more powerful website ranking drop. What is the cause and how to keep these hard cast to waste, efforts? I think:
A: website promotion link is not stable
can now be released outside the chain of how much real but beyond count, can save the web site? An improper promotion will have been administrators and moderators to delete, even a letter to IP. A link is deleted, the website is not up to enhance the level of optimization in a short period of time, but if the hard to build hundreds of links to be removed? Site drop right is inevitable! This situation is also reflected in the use of a delete free blog sprocket. With the promotion of the network spread, stable and reliable can send a link to sites is less and less, but what about high weight? The higher the weight, the link itself is bound. The link is deleted, no artificial intervention, has become a big problem for promotion link instability.
and on the other hand, Web links in high weight website construction and not a lot of choice of the low weight website, seemingly can compensate enough to matter, but in the end still by search engine eliminate doom. A lot of low weight website operators are in jeopardy, and how to bring you weight? Not to mention the low weight website included a lot of change is another common thing, a K station, right down the chain, do more are frustrated.
summed up so much, what do we get? Web links want stable development must be diversified, not alone to rely on certain websites and chain extension. And a plurality of links can be "Links platform, Post Bar know, forum portal, recruitment website……" So, these are the webmaster think. In fact, this place has a lot of people doing. But as a webmaster you feel too too observant of conventional standards. it? In fact, have to say, so time-consuming optimization promotion already OUT, so said, I think: now "soft Wen promotion" has more potential to eliminate traditional optimization.
the so-called soft Wen promotion, as the name implies, is also a kind of promotion, but the difference is that "bring people value at the same time, let the user take the initiative to accept your promotion content" which is different from forcing the user to accept your advertisement. As can be imagined, an active and a passive, which one is more effective? Hard to send advertising, can not avoid the dead, but the high quality soft Wen to send, the results are significantly different. In fact, if the owners use soft Wen promotion investment > read more