Google 1 how to influence the results of the search button

2) +1 button will effect my website in search of

compared with the content recommended by friends and strangers, acquaintances recommended more meaningful content. For example, experts from the critics, although very useful, but with your friends to write the film similar taste is more suitable for you. Therefore, to determine the correlation in the noble baby web page and the user query of your friends and contacts, the +1 recommendation is the effective reference information. Of course, this is just one of the nobles to baby page relevance and many factors determine the ranking, we are still in the continuous adjustment and improvement of our algorithm, in order to improve the overall quality of search. For +1, as with all new ranking reference factors, we began to use will remain cautious, and study their impact on the quality of the search. read more

Again the case cited link effect can not be overlooked

can see, up to now, the rain has 287 links, not simple! About why the rain suddenly came Shanghai dragon home, the online articles concerning this matter too much, here I do not analyze the analysis of those than I am sure good brother industry analysis, we are interested can love Shanghai go! We want to point out is that the rankings so fast, links to account for a very large part of the link, is pushing him up

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can be seen from the chart, the station didn’t seem to what in particular, contains only more than 100 points, the chain is not very much, but the effect is amazing, why. read more