Grateful Dead To Release ‘Dave’s Picks 19’ Featuring Hawaii 1970 Concert With 38-Minute ‘Lovelight’

first_imgThe acclaimed Dave’s Picks series has just announced the 19th volume in their archival series, picking out a gem of a performance from the Grateful Dead’s career. The new Dave’s Picks Volume 19 release will spotlight the Dead’s 1/23/70 performance in Hawaii, as the band took their jams across the Pacific to the Honolulu Civic Auditorium.The show sees the band turning from a psychedelic novelty to a legitimate and talented grouping of artists, highlighting the transition between the 60’s and the 70’s. There are plenty of highlights from his great release, including the 38-minute version of the classic “Turn On Your Love Light” by Bobby “Blue” Bland, as sung by Pigpen.Check out more info here, and the full tracklisting below.Disc 1 1. China Cat Sunflower> [4:35] 2. I Know You Rider> [6:11] 3. Black Peter [8:36] 4. The Yellow Dog Story [3:14] 5. Hard To Handle [5:41] 6. Mama Tried [3:10] 7. Casey Jones [1:22] 8. Dire Wolf [4:27] 9. Good Lovin’ [10:00] 10. That’s It For The Other One [21:57] Disc 2 1. Dark Star> [18:45] 2. St. Stephen [5:02] 3. Turn On Your Lovelight [38:09] Disc 3 1. Cumberland Blues [5:37] 2. Cold Rain And Snow [5:36] 3. Me And My Uncle [3:32] 4. I’m A King Bee [6:25] 5. Mason’s Children [6:47] 6. Black Peter [9:41] 7. Good Lovin’ [6:23] 8. Feedback>[1:23] 9. And We Bid You Goodnight [4:25] 10. Dancing In The Street [9:18]last_img read more

Mountain Mama: Can You Run on a Paleo Diet?

first_imgDear Mountain Mama,Many of my friends follow a Paleo lifestyle. That means that they don’t eat grains, bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar, or processed carbs. They claim that the feel great and have encouraged me to try a 30-day Paleo challenge.I’m a runner. Is it healthy for me to keep my mileage up and run on a Paleo diet?Thanks,Runner Guy————————————————————————- Dear Runner Guy,Paleo eating has definitely caught on, and many feel transformed by the weight loss and energy gain they feel as a result. Eating Paleo means there are a lot of foods you can’t eat. But like everything in life, it might be better to focus on the positive – what you can eat. Eating Paleo means a high fat, medium protein, and low carb diet, including lots of meat (preferably organic, grass fed), eggs (free range), fish (not farmed), non starchy vegetables, berries and some other fruit in moderation, and nuts.Prior to the agricultural revolution, our ancestors ate Paleo, which is why it’s been dubbed the “caveman diet.” Cavemen didn’t run long distances, and had no need to eat gels or gulp energy drinks. But Runner Guy, you may require quick acting carbs depending on how long you run. As a general rule, most people can run for one hour or less without requiring carb supplements like gels or sport drinks.Without enough energy, some runner’s suffer a low blood sugar level and may experience “bonking.” When it happens, your body’s desire to nestle down in a gutter may override your brain’s willpower to keep going. Once after a long run in New Zealand I reported to a group of friends that I had “bonked” around mile 10. They laughed hysterically and high-fived me before letting me in on the joke – Kiwis use the term bonk to refer to sex, which would have been a much more fun diversion during a long run.Runner Guy, let’s talk about the science behind following a Paleo eating regime, which is that the body will learn to burn fat for fuel since so few carbs are readily available for energy. For longer runs, most people’s bodies aren’t able to burn fat fast enough to keep up with their energy requirements.Many ultra runners who follow a Paleo diet modify it somewhat. They load up on nutrient-rich complex carbs like yams and winter squash before races instead of pasta and bread. But they do tweak the Paleo guidelines so that they consume higher amounts of carbohydrates required for their performance and recovery needs. Most claim that returning to a strict Paleo diet a day or two after a long mileage diet helps them keep their weight down and ensure that they maintain even blood insulin levels.Runner Guy, give the Paleo lifestyle a try and see how it goes. Be flexible and listen to your body. Best,Mountain MamaGOT A QUESTION FOR MOUNTAIN MAMA? SEND IT HERElast_img read more

Bootleg alcohol death toll rises to 44 in virus-hit Iran

first_imgThey had “drank bootleg alcohol over rumors that it would be effective in treating coronavirus and were poisoned”, it added.The poisoning toll in Khuzestan is higher than its 18 direct deaths from coronavirus, according to IRNA.Seven more people have died from bootleg alcohol in the northern region of Alborz and one in Kermanshah, western Iran.Alcohol is banned in Iran for everyone except some non-Muslim minorities, but local media regularly report on lethal cases of poisoning from bootleg liquor.Iran has scrambled to try to contain the spread of COVID-19 which has hit all of its 31 provinces, killing 291 people and infecting more than 8,000. Topics : The death toll from alcohol poisoning in Iran rose to 44 Tuesday, state news agency IRNA reported, over misguided efforts to ward off the new coronavirus by drinking bootleg alcohol.The outbreak of the virus in the Islamic republic is one of the deadliest outside of China, where the disease originated.The highest poisoning toll struck in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, where it grew by 16 to reach 36 on Tuesday, the agency said.last_img read more