Facebook Vibes hints of a music service discovered in Video Callings code

first_imgFacebook announced it’s “awesome” new feature this week, and it turned out to be what everyone expected: Video calling. But one curious coder looked through the Java file behind Video Calling, and found something even more interesting–a huge, glaring hint that Facebook has a music offering in the works, called Vibes.Jeff Rose posted the relevant snippets to his blog, and you don’t need to know Java to see that something’s there. Basically, the JAR file used to install Video Calling (referenced in the code as com.facebook.peep), also has code that can be used to install another app named com.facebook.vibes. That alone wouldn’t really say much, but each app has a secondary reference talking about an action that follows; “peep” calls for a VideoChatPlugin window, and “vibes” calls for a MusicDownloadDialog. It can’t get much clearer than that, Vibes not only handles music, but apparently downloads it as well.Facebook Vibes hasn’t been talked about. It hasn’t been referenced or mentioned, and it hasn’t been leaked. Zuckerberg seemed rushed when he announced Video Calling, and many people thought that his “something awesome” remark might have originally been meant for something, well, a bit more awesome than simply lumping a Skype plug-in into a half-baked chat feature.It’s entirely possible that the reason they’ve been sitting on the chat upgrades for so long, is that he planned to release a trifecta later on. Bringing group chat, video chat, and music downloads in one fell swoop would definitely have made a bigger impression on users who might be lured away by Google+.The idea of Facebook diving into the music scene isn’t a new one, or even an unexpected one. With the impending demise of MySpace, it’s almost expected that Facebook would try to carry the torch for socialized music–the only question is how they might go about doing it. For that, we’ll just have to wait and see.More at Life is a graph, via HNlast_img read more