Apples iPhone 5 design includes aluminium case new antenna

first_imgWhen Apple released the iPhone 4 it was originally met with cheers and first impressions that on the face of it presented it as the best iPhone yet. While many users will still say it is the best iPhone, Apple’s current handset isn’t without its faults.The major problem with the phone is the antenna design, which means when held in certain ways (iPhone 4 death grip) the signal can degrade significantly to the point where you drop calls. The other much less significant issue is the lack of a white iPhone 4 appearing, thought to be because Apple’s manufacturing partners couldn’t get the color to work on the glass casing of the device.The latest reports coming out of China suggest that Apple is fixing both these problems in the iPhone 5 with a bit of a design rethink and a different choice of materials.With an iPad 2 available in white from day one on March 11, it seems inevitable Apple will want the same for the release day of iPhone 5 expected in June or July. With that in mind Chinese language website Economic Daily News (translated) is reporting that Apple has dropped the glass casing in favor of an aluminium back casing. In so doing the next iPhone can easily be colored white, will weigh less, and is less prone to scratching.The other big change being reported is a brand new antenna design. Apple clearly doesn’t want the embarrassment of having to give away free bumpers again, so the new iPhone will use a different solution and hopefully signal the end of talk about death grips and call dropping. According to the report, the Apple logo on the back of the case will be the new location of the antenna which is an area usually left uncovered when a phone is held to the ear.Read more at GadgetsDNA and MacRumorsMatthew’s OpinionWhile the glass back of the iPhone 4 is nice, I don’t think many people will be upset to see it go. This is the back of the phone we are talking about, and your main focus is always going to be on the other side and that high resolution touchscreen. To look at it another way, would you prefer a black-only heavier iPhone 5, or a white color option and a lighter handset?As for the antenna design, Apple really didn’t have any choice but to come up with a different solution. Using the same design again would have garnered a lot of bad press and there would have been demand for free bumpers again. As Apple has shown with the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover, the company really doesn’t want its hardware covered up with bulky cases.last_img read more