‘GOD WON’T ABANDON US’ Masses, Holy Week activities cancelled

first_imgPUTTING FAITH INTO ACTION. “The COVID- 19 pandemic presents an evolving scenario, one that is not static or easily predictable,” according to Jaro Archbishop Jose Romeo Lazo. “We respond to the pandemic in faith which we express in prayer and action both personal and communal.” IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN “As a people of God, our primary andbasic response to this pandemic is no other than prayer,” according to Lazo,but he also stressed, “We are facing a crisis.” (April 5-11) But more than anything else, stressedthe Archbishop, the faithful must not cease praying. Regarding weddings, the “HolyMatrimony is encouraged to be rescheduled.” All these Lent celebrations will bebroadcasted online, according to Lazo. “If possible, celebrate the mass athome.” Effective March 19, the Archbishop wasdispensing the faithful “from their Sunday obligation to participate in theHoly Eucharist (mass)” and masses on weekdays (Monday to Saturday) untilfurther notice. In funeral masses, on the other hand,attendance “should be limited within family members.” * Observe proper hygiene, coughing andsneezing etiquette. * The Holy Thursday Visita iglesia is cancelled. Thus, he said, “together with theexpertise of our health professionals and government efforts, we respond to thepandemic in faith which we express in prayer and action both personal andcommunal.” “In some cases of peculiarities in theChristian community, the parish priest may make a pastoral judgment but alwaysin consultation with the Archbishop,” stressed Lazo. Available data (2015) showed theArchdiocese of Jaro’s jurisdiction having a Catholic population of 2,641,965. He also ordered the rescheduling oftown and barangay fiesta masses “until further notice.” As a people of God, “We ask the Lordfor His divine assistance to guide and protect us. This moment of crisis is amoment to strengthen our faith. Prayer casts away all fears.” The COVID- 19 pandemic “presents anevolving scenario, one that is not static or easily predictable,” Lazo stressedin a four-page guideline he released to his flock in one of the largestarchdioceses in the country. If the wedding could not be postponed,attendance in the mass “should be limited only to a small group” that shouldstrictly following the protocols issued by the Department of Health (DOH) andlocal government unit (LGU) concerned. * All public celebrations arecancelled. As to baptisms/confirmations, theseshould proceed only in emergency cases, otherwise, these should be rescheduled. ILOILO City – Assuring the Ilonggos that“God will never abandon us”,  ArchbishopJose Romeo Lazo of Jaro suspended masses and Holy Week activities in a drasticmove to help stop to possible entry and spread of the coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19) in his archdiocese which covers the provinces of Iloilo  and Guimaras. Prayercenter_img On the matter of confession, “anyfaithful who is extremely in need” of it may approach any priest who shouldensure that proper precautionary measures are observed. PersonalGuidelines For the “celebration of the anointingof the sick”, Lazo urged priests to “respond generously and with urgency to thespiritual needs of the sick and the dying” but they must exercise caution byobserving DOH protocols. For the parishes, Lazo ordered aroutine disinfection of pews and other furniture, doorknobs and otherfrequently-touched objects, even microphone covers, electric fans andair-conditioning units. * Public celebration of PaschalTriduum is cancelled. * Always clean and disinfectsurroundings. Masses * Observe social distancing. Lazo invoked a passage in the Bible,“You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no evil to the neighbor.” (Romans 13, 9-10) Holy Week * Stay at home and seek medicalattention when exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty ofbreathing and diarrhea. * Refrain contact with individualsdisplaying symptoms of the illness. For those who are sick: praying,reading the Bible and participating in the celebration of the mass over theradio, internet or television is encouraged. * Eat healthy. However, he encouraged them “participatein the Eucharistic celebration” through social media, the internet, televisionand radio. He exhorted the faithful to pray thefollowing daily: the Holy Rosary, Litany of the Saints, devotion to San Roque, “thepowerful saint implored during times of plagues”; and the Oratio Imperata against COVID-19. “Our help is in the name of the Lordwho made heaven and earth,” he quoted Psalm 124, 8. For priests, however, Lazo directedthem to “celebrate mass in their private capacity and offer this for theintention of the cessation of the spread of the virus, for the sick and thesafety of our health workers.” The archbishop also issued what hetermed as “personal guidelines” to further keep people safe. These are the following: Also, “Observe forms of Lenten penancesuch as fasting, abstinence and almsgiving. The fruit of penance is a way toGod’s mercy,” according to the archbishop./PNlast_img read more

Taking a nation’s health to heart

first_imgCooking from the Heart contains recipes from ordinary South Africans from a wide range of cultures. All recipes have been adapted by experts to be healthier.(Image: Cooking from the Heart)MEDIA CONTACTS• The Heart and Stroke Foundation+ 27 21 403 6450RELATED ARTICLES• Bridging the public healthcare gap• Getting Africa’s youngsters moving• Mandela’s chef publishes cookbook• The simple palate of Nelson MandelaRay MaotaSeptember is widely known as Heritage Month in South Africa, with the country’s multi-cultural makeup celebrated each year around this time, but it is also National Heart Awareness Month, and this year a recipe book that encourages healthy eating will be made available to help raise awareness on heart disease.Cooking from the Heart is a joint initiative between the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa (HSF) – an NGO that has been active in raising awareness on the subject of non-communicable diseases for 32 years – and Pharma Dynamics, a supplier of medicine for cardiovascular disease (CVD), to encourage South Africans to cook, and eat, healthier.CVD claims about 200 lives in South Africa daily, making it the second leading cause of death after HIV/Aids.More than just a cookbookCooking from the Heart contains recipes from ordinary South Africans that celebrate a wide range of cultures. Over 2 000 entries for everyday recipes were submitted for the initiative, and a team made up of dieticians from the HSF, with the help of food consultant Heleen Meyer, selected over 70 of these, which are featured in the book.The recipes were then adapted by the team, who modified ingredients like fat, salt and sugar in an effort to boost the nutritional value of the food to keep in line with the HSF’s healthy eating guidelines.Copies of the book will be distributed to the public for free, and through efforts endorsed by the National Department of Health, hospitals and other public institutions across the country will also be able to serve patients healthier meals based on the information contained in the book.“We’ve launched many initiatives over the years, but never one quite like Cooking from the Heart,” said Vash Mungal-Singh, CEO of HSF. “It offers the public a practical resource to tackle non-communicable diseases that are closely linked to poor diet.“We hope that everyday cooks will see how easy it is it to make favourites like potato salad or beef stew, healthier.”Also in the book are basic guidelines for healthy eating, ideas for healthy shopping on a budget and tips for reading food labels.“This book is a heart-friendly, multi-cultural, budget cookbook by South Africans, for South Africans,” said Paul Anley, managing director and CEO of Pharma Dynamics. She also founded the company in 2001.CVD on the riseThe initiative received praise from health minister Aaron Motsoaledi, who called it a bold and practical step against heart disease and stroke. Motsoaledi has been an outspoken advocate for healthier living among South Africans since taking up office in 2009.In an interview with The Times newspaper in July, he expressed concerns over the escalating costs of healthcare not only in South Africa, but globally, because of the public’s ignorance of the impact of unhealthy lifestyles.A statement released by Motsoaledi’s department in 2011 shows the conclusion of research done on non-communicable or lifestyle diseases by the UN, in which it was said that these diseases were expected to account for 69% of global deaths by 2030.“The idea of researching and publishing recipes that are both economical and culturally appropriate is an excellent way of creating awareness,” said Motsoaledi. “It is a concrete means for people in all communities to improve their overall health.”Mungal-Singh also quoted from the UN research and said that by 2030 the world body predicts that deaths of South Africans aged between 35 to 64-years by CVD will have skyrocketed by 40%.“Cardiovascular disease is a growing problem in South Africa as the intake of saturated and trans-fats, salt and sugar is on the increase,” she said. “Nutrition is a very important part of managing and preventing heart disease and stroke.”She added that another contributing factor to the rise in CVD cases was people’s misconception that a healthy diet is expensive, impractical or unappetising.“Cooking from the Heart will dispel that myth once and for all,” said Mungal-Singh.Practical toolMariska Fouche, public affairs manager at Pharma Dynamics, highlighted the significance of such a book in helping healthcare practitioners to do their work.“They don’t necessarily have the tools to teach people about healthier eating habits,” she said. “This book is a vital part of the HSF’s preventative toolkit to help tackle the looming heart disease and stroke epidemic in South Africa.”Research by the Medical Research Council and the Chronic Diseases Initiative in Africa using different people across the country, said Fouche, found that CVD patients received limited advice about adapting their diets from doctors at the time of their diagnosis.“They struggled to incorporate the little advice they did get into their everyday lives, meaning that they didn’t make meaningful changes to their diets, which had a negative impact on their management of their condition.”During September, HSF and Pharma Dynamics will be hosting free screenings for heart disease risk factors at shopping centres across the country and those who do get screened will get the book for free.“Screenings will include blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose testing and vital information about cardiovascular disease,” said Fouche.A further 57 000 copies are available at Clicks pharmacy outlets across the country.The Cooking from the Heart website also provides a free e-copy as well as information on where hard copies can be obtained, while a mobile site for smart phones is available at www.heartrecipes.mobi.last_img read more

Ohio Crop Tour I-75 Leg Day One Video Recap

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The western leg of the 2017 Ohio Crop Tour had a busy first day. The crew recaps the variability across the I-75 tour on Wednesday.last_img

Ohio CAUV values projected to decline through 2020

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By David Marrison, Ohio State University ExtensionThe Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program allows farmland devoted exclusively to commercial agriculture to be taxed based on their value in agriculture, rather than the full market value, resulting in a substantially lower tax bill for the farmer.The formula for CAUV values incorporates agricultural factors (soil types, yields, prices, and non-land costs for corn, soybeans, and wheat) to calculate the capitalized net returns to farming land based on the previous 5 to 10 years. CAUV underwent large-scale changes to its calculation in 2017 that was targeted to reduce the property tax burden of farmland.A new report, Ohio CAUV Values Projected to Decline Through 2020, shows the projection of CAUV values though 2020. According to the study authors, OSU agricultural economists Robert Dinterman and Ani Katchova forecast a decrease in the assessed value of agricultural land to an average CAUV value of approximately $600 in 2020.Access this report at:https://aede.osu.edu/sites/aede/files/publication_files/CAUVProjectionsFall2019.pdf.last_img read more

The Future Is All About Context: The Pragmatic Web

first_imgguest author 1 Tags:#Analysis#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market The semantic Web has long been heralded as the future of the Web. Proponents have said that Web experiences will some day become more meaningful and relevant based on the AI-esque computational power of natural-language processing (NLP) and structured data that is understandable by machines for interpretation.However, with the rise of the social Web, we see that what truly makes our online experiences meaningful is not necessarily the Web’s ability to approximate human language or to return search results with syntactical exactness. The value of the semantic Web will take time because the intelligent personal agents that are able to process this structured data still have a long way to go before becoming fully actualized.This guest post was written by Alisa Leonard-Hansen.Rather, meaningful and relevant experiences now are born out of the context of our identities and social graph: the pragmatics, or contextual meaning, of our online identities. My Web experience becomes more meaningful and relevant to me when it is layered with contextual social data based on my identity. This is the pragmatic Web.We need to better understand our identity as it begins to define our experience of the Web and the networked-enabled world we inhabit. Our online identity will increasingly be defined by three “pillars”: who I say I am, what I do and say, and who I connect to (and who connects to me).To clarify, our online identities are comprised primarily of three specific kinds of data:Explicit or prescriptive data (i.e. the data that I input about myself: name, age, occupation, etc.);Activity or behavioral data (i.e. what I do and say online);Relationship data (i.e. my social graph and what my connections say about me).If we consider the power of this pragmatic Web (a highly relevant and individualized Web experience based on the ubiquity of our identity data), we find that it not only impacts individual user experience, but that it opens up entirely new opportunities for business online. The future is not “business as usual.” Business models will be based on what Elias Bizannes of the Data Portability Project calls the “information value network-economic value,” derived from services that focus on activities with comparative advantage and that leverage free access to data.Consider this: as media companies scramble to identify new and innovative ways to advertise to the sea of nameless, pixeled users who graze through their content each day, a rich supply of highly valuable identity data lies just beneath the surface, left unmeasured and unmonetized.Facebook is nothing more than perhaps the largest single database of this kind of online identity data: explicit, activity and relationship data. With the development of Facebook Connect, which allows for the “open” exchange of Facebook user data between Facebook and third parties, Facebook could conceivably (and will) create an Facebook Connect ad network (read: data exchange), supplied by the valuable and highly targetable user identity data that is currently siloed on Facebook’s servers. This identity data within Facebook is what makes the activity in “social media” so valuable.But the centralization of identity data on one or two major networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) won’t realize the vision of the pragmatic Web. So, how will the pragmatic Web come to be? How do we realize the power of a dynamic Web that is based on our identities? We do so by empowering individuals to access and control their identity across any site or service, through standards that enable data portability and open Web inter-operability. The resulting vision is that of a highly personalized, dynamic, relevant and remixable Web experience, yielding greater access to information through discovery, communication and collaboration. For enterprise, this could mean the rise of innovative new business models, based on data-driven value exchange.One final note on identity data as it relates to enterprise. As Bizannes points out, the value of this kind of identity data rests on the key factors of time and timeliness. Essentially, identity data is valuable only if it is recent. Facebook wouldn’t be able to sell your (permissions-enabled) data to advertisers if it used your explicit data from a year ago rather than from today. So, Bizannes argues that real-time “access” to someone’s identity matters most, and it’s no longer about data “capture.” Thus, as new business models arise out of monetizing permissions-enabled identity data, the value of the business models will depend on these entities having real-time access to the data.Guest author: Alisa Leonard-Hansen is a digital strategist and Social Media Evangelist at iCrossing, a leading global digital agency. She is also the Communications Chair for the Data Portability Project and blogs about the social Web on her blog, TheWebisSocial.com. Follow her on Twitter @alisamleo. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts last_img read more

Ebay Seller Convicted, Fined for “Shill Bidding”

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Tags:#e-commerce#news#web mike melansoncenter_img What’s to stop you from posting an auction on online auction site Ebay and then bidding on it yourself from another fake account to boost the price? Nothing, if you don’t mind the idea of breaking the law and possibly facing jail time and a $7,500 fine when you get caught and convicted. Paul Barrett was the first U.K. seller “to be prosecuted for artificially inflating prices by bidding on his own eBay auctions has been told to pay £5,000 in fines and costs, and ordered to do 250 hours community service,” according to an article in The Register. Barrett first plead guilty to the charges last April, arguing that he did not “realize bidding against himself was illegal”. He was convicted of ten offenses of a consumer protection law passed in the U.K. in 2008 and 2009 and could have been fined up to $7,500 for each offense. According to the Register article, Barrett could have also faced jail time, but Judge Peter Benson said a clean record kept Barrett from behind bars.Ebay spokesperson Vanessa Canzini told the Register that Ebay is “extremely pleased” with Barrett’s sentence.“While this case was not solely about shill bidding, we hope that it highlights how seriously we consider the practice of artificially increasing prices. This practice is not only prohibited on eBay as it damages the integrity and fairness of trading on our site, but it is also illegal. We continue to invest over £6 million every year in industry leading technology to proactively detect shill bidding. We will always work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that, on the rare occasion someone attempts to follow in Barrett’s footsteps, they will be stopped and will face the consequences.”In this case, it doesn’t seem that Ebay needed its multi-million dollar software, as Barrett used the same contact information and IP address to place the shill bids and was discovered not by this type of technology, but instead because the odometer reading on a minibus he sold had been tampered with. The resulting investigation led to the discovery of Barrett’s artificial price inflation. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more


first_imgAll the results from day two of the 2004 Australia Cup in Melbourne can be found here. Click on `Full Story’ for all the results. The links below the results will also provide access the SportingPulse website with all scores, statistics and ladders, as well as the official Australia Cup page. Finals will be different for each of the open and senior divisions depending on the number of teams. Keep an eye on the ATA site and the SportingPulse site for the draw and results. The SportingPulse draw, results and statistics can be found using the following link: AUSTRALIA CUP DRAW AND RESULTS 2004 All Australia Cup stories can also be found on the ATA Australia Cup homepage. AUSTRALIA CUP HOMEPAGE 2004 RESULTS: DAY TWO: Womens Round 3: (Continued from day one) NSW (10) def ACT 23’s (2) NSW Seniors (7) def Tas (3) Womens Round 4: Vic 30’s (10) def EPTA Seniors (1) NSW 23’s (5) drew Vic (5) SA (4) def ACT 23’s (1) NSW (8) def Tas (1) Vic 23’s (5) def ACT (3) Womens Round 5: NSW 23’s (7) def ACT (3) NSW (5) def NSW Seniors (1) Vic (8) def Vic 30’s (2) SA (7) def Tas (2) Vic 23’s (10) def EPTA Seniors (1) Womens Seniors Play Off Round 1 4:00pm- NSW Seniors v Vic 30’s Mens Round 4: ACT (10) def NSW Seniors (0) Vic 23’s (8) def Vic 30’s (3) Tas (10) def EPTA Seniors (1) Vic (10) def SA (3) Mens Round 5: Vic 23’s (8) def EPTA Seniors (2) NSW (5) def Vic 30’s (3) ACT (8) def Vic (4) Tas (8) def SA (7) Mens Round 6: SA (7) def EPTA Seniors (1) ACT (9) def Vic 23’s (3) Tas (13) def NSW Seniors (1) Vic (7) def Vic 30’s (0)last_img

Former Florida Star Brandon Spikes Tweets Photo Of Title Rings, Calls Playing For Gators “Best Decision” Of His Life

first_imgBrandon Spikes's Florida national championship rings.Today is college football’s National Signing Day, which means that two things are happening. One – the nation’s top recruits are deciding where to spend the next four years of their lives. Two – former players are reminiscing about the decisions they made. Former Florida star Brandon Spikes, who now plays for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, is looking back quite fondly.Spikes took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to post photos of the title rings he was able to accumulate during his stay in Gainesville. He was part of two BCS title teams. He said that playing for UF was the “best decision” he’s ever made.Best decision I ever made was going to University Of Florida! #kissTheRings #GoGators #GatorNation pic.twitter.com/ivq2rQtc1Q— BrandonSpikes51 (@BrandonSpikes51) February 4, 2015Best decision I ever made was going to University Of Florida! #kissTheRings #GoGators #GatorNation pic.twitter.com/bmerDzrtam— BrandonSpikes51 (@BrandonSpikes51) February 4, 2015Florida’s class is currently ranked No. 46, but new head coach Jim McElwain hasn’t had as much time to recruit as his peers. Tweets from former stars like Spikes certainly don’t hurt the cause.last_img read more

How Injuries To Steph Curry And Chris Paul Affect The Playoffs

It’s been a bad couple of days for MVP-caliber point guards.On Monday afternoon, Warriors fans waiting for the results of the MRI on Stephen Curry’s right knee got their answer: Curry will miss at least two weeks with a Grade 1 MCL sprain, according to the Warriors’ PR Twitter account. CLE233525+2 HOU000— Regardless of how long Curry is out, the biggest beneficiaries of his injury are obviously the San Antonio Spurs. Their title odds jump by about 23 percentage points if Curry doesn’t play from here on out and 6 percentage points even if he is back in action after the conference semifinals. One reason is simple: The Curry-less Warriors pose far less of a threat to the Spurs than the 73-win superteam San Antonio battled all season. But the Spurs also benefit disproportionately from an increased chance, however small, that Golden State could be knocked out before ever facing San Antonio.Before Paul’s injury, the Clippers were in position to profit from Curry’s absence. If Curry missed the entire second round and CP3 had been healthy, LA’s chances of winning the title would have roughly quadrupled. But without Paul, the Clippers have very little chance of going all the way, regardless of Curry’s status — the latest in a string of missed opportunities for the franchise over the past few seasons.Finally, it’s worth noting that the second-biggest leap in title probability if Curry is absent for the rest of the playoffs belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers, whose chances of winning the championship go up 12 percentage points even though they couldn’t be affected by the injury until the NBA Finals. (For those curious, the plus-minus-based system I used in this article is higher on the Cavs than something like our Elo ratings, because plus-minus thinks Cleveland is more talented than how it’s played the past few seasons.)Of course, all these calculations can change if Curry is able to return — and play like himself — at some point in the Warriors’ playoff run. The sheer gravity of Golden State’s presence in the bracket has been enough to derail the Spurs’ and Cavs’ claims to favorite status all season long. So best-case, the Warriors weather the second round against the Blazers or depleted Clippers and then pick up where they left off with Curry back for the conference finals. But if his return is delayed or scrubbed entirely, the Warriors’ chances of defending their title will look more fragile than Curry’s knee. ATL122+1 OKC5149+4 CHA011+1 GS52538-14 BOS000— TEAMFULL CURRYNO CURRYCURRY OUT 2 WKSDIFF., 2 WEEKS AND FULL TOR233+1 POR000— Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers were hit with even worse injury news Monday night. Chris Paul broke his hand and will likely miss the remainder of the postseason.The good news for Golden State is that Curry hasn’t been ruled out for the rest of the playoffs, particularly if the Warriors advance beyond the second round. The bad news is that he’s out for the time being. So for each team still active in the playoffs, let’s game out the chances they’ll win the title depending on various (hypothetical) levels of Curry participation over the rest of the playoffs.For this exercise, I’m going to use the plus-minus metric that drives our CARMELO projections1Specifically, I’m using a 50-50 blend of ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus and Basketball-Reference.com’s Box Plus/Minus, according to research by FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver. to generate Pythagorean ratings for the Warriors based on Curry’s availability. With Curry in the lineup, for instance, the metric says the Warriors possess roughly 67-win true talent (per 82 games) based on plus-minus; with Curry absent, that number falls to 53 wins. Those numbers can then be used to generate expected probabilities of advancing in the playoffs, all the way up to winning the NBA title.(Obviously this ignores all the ways in which matchups matter, as well as the dynamic effect of teammates’ playing together that isn’t captured by plus-minus. But as a rough cut, this method ought to do the trick.)Here’s how each team’s title odds would change if Curry played at full strength and had never been injured (specifically, logging 81 percent of the Warriors’ available minutes — the rate at which he played in last year’s playoffs), if he misses “two weeks” (which we’ll define here as being out until the conference finals), and if he doesn’t play at all: IND000— LAC000— Source: ESPN, Basketball-Reference.com Which teams benefit from Curry’s absence? ODDS OF WINNING TITLE WITH … SA16%39%22%+6 MIA000— VIDEO: Neil Paine on the Warriors’ and Spurs’ title chancesCheck out FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 NBA Playoff Predictions. read more

Whats next for Hitch

With Ken Hitchcock having been dispatched by the Columbus Blue Jackets, the question remains: What’s next for the Edmonton, Alberta native?The immediate answer is the Olympics. But as far as a future coaching position in the NHL, the answer isn’t so clear.“My focus right now is obviously on the Olympics,” Hitchcock said in a press conference last Thursday.Hitchcock will join Red Wings coach Mike Babcock’s staff coaching the Canadian team. The Olympics in Vancouver will be Hitchcock’s third stint with the Canadian team, having coached them in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2006 and Nagano, Japan, in 2002.Following the Olympics, there’s no doubt teams will be interested in Hitchcock’s services. The stoic 58-year-old has 500 career wins as an NHL coach. Hitchcock has also led three teams to the playoffs, including a Stanley Cup Championship in 1999, when he was coaching Dallas.However, Hitchcock isn’t sure he’ll jump back into coaching, as he did after being fired twice previously.After being let go by Dallas, Hitchcock immediately joined forces with the Philadelphia Flyers. And similarly, when he was cut loose by the Flyers, he was quickly picked up by the Jackets. But this time around the veteran Hitchcock says it might be different.“I’m not going to jump at the first job opportunity,” Hitchcock said. He went on to explain that he’s been in almost every coaching situation, from Stanley Cup contenders to teams building from the ground up. This time, Hitchcock says, the scenario would have to be perfect.“I think if it’s the right situation I would like to look at it,” Hitchcock said. But he also said he’s not rushing into anything, due in part to his connection to the Blue Jackets organization.“I feel a very personal obligation to the McConnell family and [Jackets president] Mike Priest,” Hitchcock said. “I have a contractual obligation, but it goes beyond that with Mike and myself. I feel like I started something here.”Hitchcock’s contract runs through 2011-2012, during which time he is due $1.33 million per year. But as he said, his ties are deeper than that. It’s believed Blue Jackets management will look to retain Hitchcock as an adviser if he doesn’t find work elsewhere this season. While that might create an awkward situation for all involved, a management position might be appealing to Hitchcock.“The next move I’d like to make is an organizational one,” Hitchcock said. “I don’t want to just be a coach. I’d like a long-term relationship.” read more