1950s anger management presented Star Trek style

first_imgIf you were born in the 50’s or 60’s then chances are you were subjected to a myriad of cinematic instructional videos to help you cope with your daily lives as you grew up. Probably the most famous of these videos was “Duck and Cover,” which featured instructions on what to do in case of a Russian nuclear bomb attack.Now by today’s standards, these old cinematic instructional videos are often laughable at best for their actual educational content. But surprisingly they still serve a purpose today. And that is to be comedy cannon fodder.AdChoices广告Just take a look at what YouTube contributor OneMinuteGalactica threw together when he used Star Trek video from the original television series and combined it with the audio from a 50’s film on anger management. What you get is a little funny instructional film called, “Anger is Illogical.”If you enjoyed that video, OneMinuteGalactica has other instructional film audio mash-ups with video from past and present pop culture heroes. Be sure to check them out.Read more at YouTube, via io9last_img read more