Mayor’s gang strategy

first_imgRe: “Mayor defends his anti-gang plan” (April 25): I watched an interesting program on the National Geographic Channel called “World’s Most Dangerous Gang: MS13.” It chronicled this gang’s origin as illegals or offspring of illegals from Central America, banding together to create what is now an international and ruthless gang. It shows them planning gang “hits.” It’s time that liberal politicians who participate in “immigrant-rights” marches, such as Antonio Villaraigosa, realize and acknowledge that there is a direct correlation between the illegal population numbers and the Latino gang numbers. Of course Villaraigosa would rather deal with the problem with money, which will be ineffective, instead of dealing with the root of the problem – illegal immigration. – John Gonzalez Saugus Fewer gang members Re: “LAUSD report card: All F’s” (April 21): It may be a great idea to have all high school students take college prep classes, except Roy Romer and now David Brewer III have forgotten one thing. Not all high school students are going to college because they will have to go to work after high school graduation, can’t afford college, or aren’t college material. Some will want a trade. What is wrong with high schools having cooking classes, shop classes, basic plumbing, carpentry and electric classes, and auto mechanic classes? Why aren’t there any real-life classes that prepare our young people in issues like renting an apartment, cooking, preparing a budget, and balancing a checkbook? If they understood the real world, maybe we would also have fewer gang members. – Barbara Evans Canoga Park From best to worst Re: “Big bucks” (Our Opinions, April 25): If we need proof that increasing the pay of politicians and public employees gives us better government, we need only look at the California Legislature. We are now paying our legislators about 2,000 percent more than we were in 1965 and we certainly have a 2,000 percent better state. Huh? By 1965, our part-time legislators had created a state that was the envy of the country. Our K-12 schools were about the best. We had outstanding, free community colleges, state colleges and universities. We had the best freeway-highway system in the country and a water and electrical infrastructure second to none. Now our K-12 schools are 49th or 50th in the country. Our colleges are crowded and expensive. Our roads are crumbling and we are running out of water and electricity. In 40 years, we went from arguably the best government to the worst. – Bob Larkin Westlake Village Let them leave Re: “Big bucks” and “Boom and bust” (Our Opinions, April 25): In “Big bucks,” once again the old mantra of needing to increase compensation for these overpaid and over-perked workers based upon the false premise that these people can earn more in the private sector and we need this to retain or lure the best and brightest to serve the public sector. Bunk! I say let them go to the private sector and actually have to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay and be accountable for their actions. In “Boom and bust,” we once again see how the overpaid and over-perked “best and brightest” have once again bungled a decision that even a grade-school graduate could have made, knowing full well that real estate is limited and pricey in Los Angeles. – Richard M. Stuber Sun Valley You guys are so slow Re: “Boom or bust” (Our Opinions, April 25): I’ve been reading the Daily News for more than 10 years. I have learned, with minimum grimacing, to tolerate your attacks on my wife, Cindy Miscikowski. When she was on the council, it was clear to me that she could not do anything (in your eyes) right. Now I pick up Wednesday’s Daily News editorial whose first line is “Cindy Miscikowski was right.” I do not know how to react, except to wonder why it took you so long. She told me she was right about everything years ago. – Doug Ring Los Angeles Politics and science Re: “Saving the planet” (April 22): If global warming is a serious problem, we need serious solutions, not demands to “change our lifestyle.” The problem is not SUVs. It’s government zoning that prevents people living close to their work. It’s public monopolies that prevent free-market alternatives, such as thousands of shuttle vans, from taking people to and from work. The problem is also not clothes dryers and air conditioners. The problem is they use energy from dirty fossil-fuel plants. The solution, as stated in an upcoming report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, includes using nuclear power. So stop blaming the people. And keep politics out of science. – Bruce K. Bell Moorpark Saving the planet When I read your story “How to save the planet” in the April 22 issue, I thought of a couple of ways to save the planet from global warming. When all the commercial airplanes were grounded after 9-11, the atmospheric temperature rose. Without the contrails from airlines, sunlight increased and the temperature rose. We need to produce more contrails by spreading water at 35,000 feet. Also we should be adding algal scrubbers to electrical power plants which can remove CO2. There is a system in operation in Arizona built by GreenFuel Technologies to do this. Here is an system that can reduce CO2 emissions from electrical power plants. The article did not mention either approach. – Masse Bloomfield Canoga Park Stop the lawsuits Re: “New LAFD incident adds fuel to the fire” (April 25): If someone would leave me a banana, I would say thank you for thinking about my health. And for the white lotion, thank you for thinking about my dry hands. People today have to think the positives, not just the negatives. We all know it’s about the harassment dollars. Grow up, firefighters who are seeking harassment charges. – Ventura Alcantar Sylmar Paying for it About three weeks ago a lady wrote in regarding a water-line break in Granada Hills. She complained that she called and reported the big leak to DWP three times but it was still not repaired. Is this the same leak I reported again today? This leak has been going on for about three weeks at the north side of Trosa just west of Daryl Avenue in Granada Hills. The water pushes out at the joint of the concrete gutter (below the sidewalk) and the AC paving. In the meantime, the AC paving has lifted about 2 inches. I estimate the water flow at four gallons per minute. Question: Does the LADWP hope the actual leak is occurring within a homeowner’s property? If not, all of us customers will be paying for it. – Antonio S. Luisoni Granada Hills Losing it Why does a considerate, common-sense, logical person lose most of those traits when they become a politician? The Iraqi civilians live in extreme violence, day and night, no safety zones. Some claim it’s now safe. Only an out-of-touch politician would believe or claim such nonsense about any zone. While America has numerous problems, the Bush bunch concentrates on Iraq. – Ken Garrison Rosamond Just sippin’ Re: “Here’s looking at you, Porsche” (McCarthy, April 22): I’ve had seven Porsches and my current one is a 1983 911SC with 230,000 miles on the clock. It delivers 27 miles to the gallon at 80 miles an hour and gets 19 mpg around town. That’s sippin’, not guzzlin’. – Bill Pollack Sherman Oaks 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

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