Techniques to determine the quiet day curve for a long period of subionospheric VLF observations

first_imgVery low frequency (VLF) transmissions propagating between the conducting Earth’s surface and lower edge of the ionosphere have been used for decades to study the effect of space weather events on the upper atmosphere. The VLF response to these events can only be quantified by comparison of the observed signal to the estimated quiet time or undisturbed signal levels, known as the quiet day curve (QDC). A common QDC calculation approach for periods of investigation of up to several weeks is to use observations made on quiet days close to the days of interest. This approach is invalid when conditions are not quiet around the days of interest. Longer-term QDCs have also been created from specifically identified quiet days within the period and knowledge of propagation characteristics. This approach is time consuming and can be subjective. We present three algorithmic techniques, which are based on either (1) a mean of previous days’ observations, (2) principal component analysis, or (3) the fast Fourier transform (FFT), to calculate the QDC for a long-period VLF data set without identification of specific quiet days as a basis. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques at identifying the true QDCs of synthetic data sets created to mimic patterns seen in actual VLF data including responses to space weather events. We find that the most successful technique is to use a smoothing method, developed within the study, on the data set and then use the developed FFT algorithm. This technique is then applied to multiyear data sets of actual VLF observations.last_img read more

USA: United Technologies Inks Contract for F135 Propulsion System

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today USA: United Technologies Inks Contract for F135 Propulsion System View post tag: Inks View post tag: F135 November 7, 2011 United Technologies Corp., Pratt & Whitney, Military Engines, East Hartford, Conn., is being awarded a $75,000,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for studies associated with the F135 propulsion system. Services to be provided include engineering, programmatic, and logistics tasks related to the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F135 propulsion system for U.S. services, JSF international partners, and foreign military sales countries, including, but not limited to:  investigations and studies of the feasibility, practicality, desirability, or supportability of design changes for the propulsion system, support equipment, and government furnished property; operational readiness and reliability; cost and weight reductions; logistics site surveys; training system analysis; modeling and simulation activities; campaign analysis; and the determination of the feasibility of integrating changes for purchaser-unique requirements.Work will be performed in East Hartford, Conn. (73 percent), Bristol, United Kingdom (20 percent), and Indianapolis, Ind. (7 percent), and is expected to be completed in August 2012.  Contract funds in the amount of $8,503,722 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302.1.  The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity (N00019-12-D-0002).[mappress]Source: defense, November 07, 2011; Share this article View post tag: united View post tag: technologies USA: United Technologies Inks Contract for F135 Propulsion System View post tag: contractcenter_img View post tag: usa View post tag: Navy View post tag: News by topic View post tag: For View post tag: system View post tag: propulsion View post tag: Naval Industry newslast_img read more

HMCS Protecteur Experiences Fire Aboard

first_img View post tag: Aboard View post tag: fire HMCS PROTECTEURHer Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Protecteur was returning to its homeport of CFB Esquimalt, B.C., when a fire was extinguished in the ship’s engine room. HMCS Protecteur Experiences Fire Aboard View post tag: Protecteur View post tag: Navy March 3, 2014 Sailors onboard the warship put out the fire and crew members are managing the situation. Personnel sustained minor injuries but are safe and they are being treated on board.Protecteur is presently located approximately 340 nautical miles (630 km) northeast of PearlHarbour. The ship has limited power and a return to PearlHarbouris expected. A full assessment of the situation is being conducted to establish the extent of the damage.[mappress]Press Release, March 3, 2014, 2014; Image: Canadian Navy View post tag: HMCS Back to overview,Home naval-today HMCS Protecteur Experiences Fire Aboard Industry news View post tag: Naval View post tag: News by topic View post tag: experiences Share this articlelast_img read more

Ishida links equipment

first_imgIshida Europe is launching a new software programme that can link up to 100 checkweighers to provide valuable production data.The Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS), offers a range of reporting options, allowing production managers to employ state-of-the-art monitoring for legislative compliance. The user-friendly software will also enable users to identify cost-saving opportunities. The data can be analysed by batch, shift, operator, product or machine.Also new from the firm are an entry-level tray sealer, the OX-300, and the latest Atlas bagmaker. All will be on display at the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association show on 30 September to 2 October.[]last_img read more

Students help Haiti

first_imgWhen the massive earthquake hit Haiti, a group of Harvard students working on a water purification project in the Dominican Republic switched gears to help transport supplies across the border.last_img

Mark Zandi on risks to U.S. economy from Covid spread, lack of stimulus

first_imgMark Zandi on risks to U.S. economy from Covid spread, lack of stimulus Search quotes, news & videoslast_img

Yes, it’s a pandemic: Where do we go from here?

first_img(CIDRAP Business Source Osterholm Briefing) – No, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared the novel H1N1 (swine) influenza outbreak a pandemic. It should. And it may. But your next steps need not depend on the WHO raising the pandemic alert level to phase 6. In fact, they shouldn’t depend on it.What matters most at this moment is not the number of the phase, but how we respond to the real (and perceived) threat of this genuine influenza pandemic.Going globalThe fact that the virus is causing “sustained community-level outbreaks” in Japan, a country in “another WHO region” means the outbreak has reached the global threshold that qualifies it as a pandemic. That’s according to the very measure the WHO set forth in its latest iteration of alert phases. But, unfortunately, science isn’t guiding the agency’s decision at the moment.I have a feeling that may change very shortly as “influenza scientists” around the world are becoming increasingly vocal in their conclusion; we have an influenza pandemic with the new H1N1 virus. Fortunately it is primarily a mild illness for most of those infected, but we all know that could change with a single virus mutation.The agency is under pressure to incorporate severity level into its decision, to account for the “mild” nature of the current outbreak before calling a full-blown pandemic that could trigger what some worry would be risky and costly actions.But the phases have always been about how well the novel influenza virus passes between people, never how sick it makes them. Mild, moderate, or worse, severity is not part of what defines a pandemic. Maybe it should be. Maybe it can be. But for now, it isn’t. And I’d much prefer that WHO preserve its credibility and stick to science and avert confusion.Whether the WHO raises the alert level to phase 6 shouldn’t have much impact on business, but it might.Much depends on how governments react, particularly the governments of Asia. A misinterpretation of the phases means trouble. Such actions as closing borders, quarantining passengers, and screening people at airports are totally unnecessary, bad for business, and likely to worsen problems. Without taking extreme measures, there’s simply no containing or even dampening the transmission of this virus anymore. Close a border, and people will still find a way in. Same for an influenza virus. Imagine having 11 screen doors on a submarine and closing only 10; you’re still going to sink.Swimming with the sharks?The bottom line is that we have what amounts to a pandemic on our hands, and companies need to adjust accordingly. Our attention must be on its impact on the health of the population. And right now the impact is limited. So here’s what I suggest:1. Be ready for a mixed bag of reactions. If you’re an international company, you’ll likely see great variability in responses from different countries. The novel virus is acting much like a seasonal strain of influenza, and it’s causing what could be considered a “mild” pandemic right now. But how countries and others react may not be proportionate to the severity of the pandemic. Are you ready if borders close in Asia?Also, be mindful that your organization’s pandemic plan may have action steps such as “no travel” or “mandatory work from home” policies that are triggered with a WHO phase 6 declaration. Now is the time to reconsider these actions in light of the mild illness spectrum. They can always be reinstated if the disease picture suddenly worsens.2. Stay tuned. Is this a mild first wave? Will the pandemic fizzle out and be gone for good? Will the virus keep spreading—and mutate into a strain that could become moderate or severe? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment. But investigators are finding new pieces of the puzzle almost daily, and the CIDRAP Business Source team is monitoring the science closely. You’ll be the first to know what we know. You have my word on that.3. Take advantage of the gift of this wake-up call. We certainly don’t want to scare anyone into becoming more prepared, but this “grace period” (to quote WHO Director-General Margaret Chan) is an opportunity to make your case for more attention to preparedness. What we’re seeing right now is akin to a seasonal influenza of moderate severity, which certainly is worthy of note by any business, and that could change on a dime. What would a year of severe seasonal influenza do to your business?Bottom line for businessThe pandemic threat to your business is far from over. Count on us for the intelligence you need to calibrate your company’s response responsibly.last_img read more

Edwin Jurin: Tourism Manifesto 2021 for a New Age

first_imgTherefore, manifestos or proclamations are related to – turning points in social, cultural and business events. With a man at the epicenter. So, the essence of the manifesto is to act proactively and positively for every man in the system it marks – figuratively speaking from the porter to the president of the company. THE RESPONSIBILITY of tourism is based on understanding, respecting and tolerating the DIVERSITY of all mental orientations and religions of all those involved in tourism. HUMANITY is the foundation for SOLIDARITY TOURISM. Edvin Jurin We strongly oppose further uncontrolled and excessive consumption of space. Tourism which, with its rational and meaningful development, changes both the individual and society as a whole, enriching them with HUMANITY. But let’s not stay indifferent waiting for someone else to set up and sort things out for us. We tourism workers, aware of the times and circumstances in which we live and work, unite in thinking and working in the creation of NEW AGE TOURISM. A man who designs, creates and delivers and ultimately enjoys the tourist experience. SUSTAINABILITY is possible if in tourist destinations, as a meeting place of tourist offer and tourist demand, TOGETHER is assumed to be individual. Such tourism prefers the experience over the numbers, the satisfaction of those for whom the experience is intended – over the balance in the table. I tried to choose words and thoughts carefully and in a balanced way, and here is the proposal of the text, which, considering that it is a manifesto, should be inspiring, but also concise:  Because, for us, tourism is a phenomenon and a job of RELATIONSHIP, and not a mere filling of hotels, camps, villas, marinas and other reception facilities. NEW AGE TOURISM starts from a new approach to the environment in which it originates. The new tourist environment is marked by SUSTAINABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY in spatial, natural, sociological and cultural terms. We will do everything we can to systematically and permanently EDUCATE and build in all age groups and at all levels to meet the demands that lie ahead. First of all, preserving and improving the physical and mental health of our guests. We have no other choice. Idealistic?center_img In these dumb times, I thought: Isn’t it time for tourism workers in Croatia and in the world to encourage themselves first, then everyone else around them with a manifesto that will first mentally and then actively focus on what and for what – they live. The goal is to preserve one of the ten jobs that tourism generates today at the global level and to improve all activities and phenomena that tourism will further develop and improve in a way that brings both tangible and intangible benefits. In such tourism, the spiritual takes precedence over the material in a way that spiritually generates the material, opening the way for added value to tourist products and services.  In order to achieve this, it is necessary to change the focus and the way of acting by adopting NEW VALUES. Tourism that makes us all BETTER in the end with its overall performance! Therefore, TOURISM is THE NEW AGE and TRANSFORMATIVE TOURISM.  That is, tourism that does not separate or oppose but connects both in good and less good times cities, regions and countries by offering integrated and innovative tourism products and services. Conceptual word ”manifest”Binds to the word”proclamation”.  Instead of tourism excel managers, let’s create leaders of relationships that base added value on EMPATHY, EMOTION and ENERGY. It implies that we have something to say. As a rule, something – fateful. It is the right time to offer tourism, or more precisely tourism workers, new VALUES and thus a new HOPE. Top up, upgrade! Free!  Thus, the importance of the role of the manifesto is confirmed, for example, by modern companies that know how to reach for the manifesto as an incentive tool for their employees to guide them in understanding what they do and then deliver what they do as consistently as possible. Can you do better? Any such consumption of space ultimately undermines and then disintegrates the space, and thus the people who inhabit that space or make it attractive in a broader sense to visitors. These are points in time at which we intend to change one for the other. On the psychological side, the content of the manifesto – encourages. WORLD TOURIST MANIFESTO 2021  Dalast_img read more

Kedron home sells for $677,000 due to location

first_imgThere are polished wooden floors throughout.“Little Queenslanders are very sought after,” Mr Foenander said.“Three bedrooms is the highest demand product that seems to be affordable for people at the moment.”Mr Foenander said he had some problems after the building and pest inspector listed the home as two bedroom, but forged forward. The home has a lovely cosy feel due to its colour scheme and finishes.More from newsFor under $10m you can buy a luxurious home with a two-lane bowling alley5 Apr 2017Military and railway history come together on bush block24 Apr 2019“You’ve got Westfield Chermside just down the street which is always going to draw buckets of people.”There were 45 groups of people at inspections of 13 Sydney St, and three written offers were received, before selling at $677,000. The laundry is large and modern.“It’s a two-bedder with a sleep out,” he said.“So we went under certification to make it a three bed.“If something goes backwards, you’ve got to be prepared to find a way to go forward immediately.”center_img This home at 13 Sydney St, Kedron, sold for $677,000.Location, location, location certainly rang true in the sale of this Kedron home.NGU Real Estate sales executive Chris Foenander said the market in Kedron was “ridiculous” due to its great location.“Location has always been the strong point,” Mr Foenander said.“Kedron is a huge area with multiple pockets all surrounding Gympie Rd.last_img read more

​Manager ‘intransigence’ over fees threatens industry, says LCP

first_imgAdditionally, more popular asset classes, such as corporate bonds, had seen their fees increase by 30% or more over the last five years, as pension funds began increasing their holdings in the area, LCP found.Mark Nicoll, investment partner at LCP and the survey’s author, said the mist surrounding many investment fee agreements was gradually lifting.“However, greater transparency is needed, as there are still far too few managers disclosing the level of transaction costs, and this intransigence threatens the reputation of the whole industry,” he said. LCP said only 17% of participating managers this year were unable or unwilling to disclose all their indirect costs.,WebsitesWe are not responsible for the content of external sitesLCP UK Investment Manager survey 2015 Individual asset managers’ unwillingness to increase fee transparency risks damaging the entire industry’s reputation, according to LCP, as it claimed fee structures were yet to align with clients’ best interests.The consultancy’s annual survey of investment management fees argued that many payment structures were rewarding firms simply for retaining clients rather than delivering returns.It noted that even a hypothetical global equity mandate that had underperformed the benchmark by 200 basis points would have seen fees increase ahead of the UK’s retail prices index over the last five years, with the proposed agreement seeing fees increase in line with mandate size rather than manager performance.The survey, which covered around four-fifths of the UK institutional manager market, found that fees had risen by 57% for the average global equity mandate, and that there was an increase in UK equity manager prices stemming largely from a reduction in the number of firms overseeing such strategies.last_img read more