The freshwater system west of the Antarctic Peninsula: spatial and temporal changes

first_imgClimate change west of the Antarctic Peninsula is the most rapid of anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, with associated changes in the rates and distributions of freshwater inputs to the ocean. Here, results from the first comprehensive survey of oxygen isotopes in seawater in this region are used to quantify spatial patterns of meteoric water (glacial discharge and precipitation) separately from sea ice melt. High levels of meteoric water are found close to the coast, due to orographic effects on precipitation and strong glacial discharge. Concentrations decrease offshore, driving significant southward geostrophic flows (up to ~30 cm s−1). These produce high meteoric water concentrations at the southern end of the sampling grid, where collapse of the Wilkins Ice Shelf may also have contributed. Sea ice melt concentrations are lower than meteoric water and patchier because of the mobile nature of the sea ice itself. Nonetheless, net sea ice production in the northern part of the sampling grid is inferred; combined with net sea ice melt in the south, this indicates an overall southward ice motion. The survey is contextualized temporally using a decade-long series of isotope data from a coastal Antarctic Peninsula site. This shows a temporal decline in meteoric water in the upper ocean, contrary to expectations based on increasing precipitation and accelerating deglaciation. This is driven by the increasing occurrence of deeper winter mixed layers and has potential implications for concentrations of trace metals supplied to the euphotic zone by glacial discharge. As the regional freshwater system evolves, the continuing isotope monitoring described here will elucidate the ongoing impacts on climate and the ecosystem.last_img read more

Commemorative flames for 75th Holocaust Memorial Day

first_imgThe Holocaust witnessed the ideological and systematic prosecution and mass murder of millions of European Jewish, Travellers, the disabled, intellectual dissidents and homosexuals. A Yahrzeit candle, a Jewish memorial candle, will be lit to reflect and remember the six million Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust, alongside the milions of other people killed under Nazi persecution and in subsequent genoicides around the world. Stand Together is the theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day, exploring “how genocidal regimes throughout history have deliberately fractured socities by marginalising certain groups, and how these tactics can be challenged by individuals standing together with their neighbours, and speaking out against oppression.” The service will also see contributions from the City Rector, The Reverend Anthony Buckley, Penny Faust of the Oxford Jewish Congregation, Jawaid Malik of the Oxford Foundation, and Anneliese Dodds, MP for Oxford East.  The flames will be lit as part of a service at Oxford Town Hall on Holocaust Memorial Day, Monday 27th January.  A reflection service, which will take place in the Old Library, it will be open to members of the public, City Council staff and councillors of any faith or none. Oxford will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau with 75 memorial flames.  The service will also mark the 25th anniversary of the genocides in Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Darfur.  Councillor Simmons said: “It is important we remember the horrors of the past to avoid them being repeated. “Some of my own family came to the UK as refugees from the violent pogroms in Eastern Europe. One of my grandparents escaped from Vitebsk; the widespread massacres of Jewish people that occurred there in 1941 are well documented. Those family members who remained were certainly killed.” Councillor Craig Simmons, Lord Mayor of Oxford, will host the service which will also include an interview about the persecution of Jewish people in pogroms with Dr George Gilbert, Lecturer in Modern Russian History at the University of Southampton.last_img read more


first_img× New business selling modern appliances on BroadwayBayonne’s resurgence is most visible on building exteriors. New buildings are going up while old ones are being refurbished, both inside and out. That’s where Parkview Appliance comes in, one of Bayonne’s newest businesses. “We felt Bayonne did not have a high-end appliance store yet,” said Parkview Appliance owner, Sam Stein. “For those renovating their home or trying to be more energy efficient, manufacturers are coming out with a wide variety of very affordable stainless-steel appliances.”Stein’s 2,000 square-foot showroom is stocked with all kinds of appliances such as microwaves, air conditioners, dishwashers, stoves, washers and dryers. He wants to set himself apart from the typical black-and-white appliance aesthetic.“When someone upgrades their kitchen, they shouldn’t settle for the typical white-and-black appliances,” Stein said. “They should go for something more modern and efficient.”Though there are companies that will deliver appliances or do in-store pickup, Stein said having a local appliance store around the corner can be very convenient. “With appliances, they are going to use it all year long. They want to see it, feel it, touch it.”Residents can feel and touch all of Stein’s appliances at 810 Broadway. Injured construction worker rescued from Bayonne manholeAn injured construction worker was trapped in a manhole 10 feet below 55th Street and Kennedy Boulevard on Friday, July 7, before being rescued by the Bayonne Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team, according to Fire Chief Keith Weaver. The worker had his coworker with him in the manhole while they were doing repairs. Both were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.“The members of the Bayonne Fire Department Technical Rescue Team did an outstanding job, removing the two employees from the manhole in a timely fashion,” Weaver said.State budget passedA new funding formula was passed as part of the state budget signed by NJ Gov. Chris Christie in the early morning hours of Monday, July 3. Legislators and the governor sparred for weeks over an unrelated bill that would reshape the state’s largest health insurance company, and even shut down the government, including its state parks. Arguably, the most relevant part of the bill concerned funding for the 1.37 million public-school students in the state.Bayonne will receive six percent more than what Christie proposed in his “Fairness Formula,” amounting to about $3.2 million.Statewide, the new funding formula increases state funding by $125 million, with $25 million allocated to expand pre-k and kindergarten. Not all municipalities in Hudson County will benefit, though. Jersey City would see a two percent reduction, or about $8.5 million.In hearings that led up to the bicameral agreement, Bayonne administrators made the case for equitable funding across all districts, citing Jersey City receiving eight times more in state funding than Bayonne, with three times as many students.Hoboken would also lose out, to the tune of a 7.7 percent decrease, or about $825,000. Weehawken’s funding would decrease by about the same percentage.4th of July sexual harassment on light railA 27-year-old Jersey City man accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old woman on the light rail on the 4th of July was charged with criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a minor, according to police. The incident occurred after the man allegedly asked the young woman for a cigarette. When she refused, the man allegedly grabbed her buttocks, and fled, according to Bayonne Police Captain Janine Foy. The young woman immediately reported the incident to police and provided a description of the man, who was arrested two days later. Simpson Baber Foundation hosts summer bashEnjoy a wonderful summer evening on the water while contributing to a worthy organization. On Tuesday, August 8, The Simpson Baber Foundation for the Autistic will host a summer party at Robbins Reef Yacht Club. This fun evening, which runs from 6 to 10 p.m. will include live music by Ed Beales and the Peninsula Band, a catered barbeque dinner and a cash bar. All proceeds will help to provide funding for programs held for children and young adults with special needs. Tickets are $50 per person.For additional information on tickets or sponsorship opportunities, call (201) 320.9145.The mission of The Simpson Baber Foundation for the Autistic, Inc. is to educate the public on the spectrum of Autism and to provide educational, social, and recreational opportunities to people affected by autism.last_img read more

Ocean City Police Activity Report for Sept. 13 to 19

first_imgSeptember 15, 2015: TuesdayCalls for service: 105Motor Vehicle Stops: 32Motor Vehicle Accidents: 2Property Checks: 25Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 8 fire and 12 EMS callsTheft, 300 block E. Atlantic Blvd., at 11:35amTheft, 900 block Boardwalk, at 4:01pmMotor vehicle accident, 900 block 2nd St., at 4:20pmMotor vehicle accident, 800 block West Ave., at 6:14pmWarrant, 900 block Haven Ave., one in custody, at 9:29pmWarrant, 34th St., one in custody, at 10:06pm OCEAN CITY POLICE SUMMARIZED WEEK’S ACTIVITIES September 13, 2015: Sunday                                                Calls for service: 71Motor Vehicle Stops: 19Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 19Alarms: 5The Police Department assisted with 7 Fire and 11 EMS callsTheft, 1300 block Boardwalk, at 9:32amMotor vehicle accident, 9th St. & Atlantic Ave., at 2:04pm PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Just a reminder that it is a violation of a City Ordinance to have dogs on the boardwalk anytime during the year.City Ordinance 87-17sec.4-32 prohibits any Boat/Trailer over 22 feet in overall length from being parked on a city street. Any boat/trailer less than 22 feet in overall length can only remain on a city street for three consecutive days. Officers will be issuing summons and towing boats/trailers for any observed violations. Ocean City Police Department September 17, 2015: ThursdayCalls for service: 62Motor Vehicle Stops: 28Motor Vehicle Accidents: 0Property Checks: 21Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 7 fire and 6 EMS callsFraud, Bayou Terr., at 6:56pm September 16, 2015: WednesdayCalls for service: 98Motor Vehicle Stops: 33Motor Vehicle Accidents: 0Property Checks: 23Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 5 fire and 8 EMS callsWarrant, 200 block Wesley Ave., one in custody, at 8:10amTheft, 900 block West Ave., at 11:17amFraud, 200 block Ocean Ave., at 11:17amTheft, 1200 block West Ave., at 8:45pmcenter_img September 13 – 19, 2015Calls for Service: 586Daily Average: 83 September 18, 2015: FridayCalls for service: 63Motor Vehicle Stops: 13Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 14Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 7 fire and 12 EMS callsAssault, 2100 block Asbury Ave., at 10:18amWarrant, unit block Wesley Ave., one in custody, at 11:57amMotor vehicle accident, Michigan & Bay Ave., at 1:50pmTheft, 800 block 6th St., at 3:05pmWarrant, 1200 block West Ave., at 7:10pm September 14, 2015: Monday Calls for service: 86Motor Vehicle Stops: 18Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 25Alarms: 5The Police Department assisted with 9 Fire and 8 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident, 55th St. & West Ave., at 7:44amTheft, 2900 block Haven Ave., at 10:59amFraud, 200 block Bay Ave., at 4:30pm September 19, 2015: Saturday Calls for service: 99Motor Vehicle Stops: 37Motor Vehicle Accidents: 0Property Checks: 22Alarms: 4The Police Department assisted with 8 fire and 8 EMS callsTheft, 400 block 29th St., at 8:31amDomestic violence, 1800 block Wesley Ave., at 10:20amTheft, 700 block 11th St., at 11:58amTheft, 1700 block Simpson Ave., at 5:02pmlast_img read more

High-Tech Probe Targeted Woman Who ‘Knew Too Much’

first_imgOcean City High SchoolA report from the Ocean City School District on Christine Lentz describes an investigation that started when a fellow member of her labor contract negotiating team reported that she seemed to “know too much,” continued with a forensics analysis of the computers of 11 different school district staff members and ended with the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office taking over and ultimately arresting Lentz.The report shows just one side of a case in which Lentz, a former vice principal and athletic director at Ocean City High School, is accused of official misconduct and computer criminal activity. It also provides the school district’s account of events in a potential lawsuit against the district from Lentz, who filed a notice of tort claim in September.The notice includes Lentz’s account of events (see “Arrested Administrator Threatens to Sue Ocean City Schools“), but she could not be reached for direct comment on the report.The report comes in the form of a letter to the state Board of Examiners (which oversees educator licensing in New Jersey).Chris Lentz, former vice principal and athletic director at Ocean City High School, was arrested Aug. 4 on charges of official misconduct and computer criminal activity.“State law requires that this office make a final disposition on this incident,” Carl H. Carabelli, manager of the Criminal History Review Unit for the state Department of Education, wrote in an Aug. 5 letter to Ocean City Superintendent Kathleen Taylor. “To comply with that provision, the employing district/contractor must notify the Criminal History Review Unit, in writing, of the action you have taken pending the final resolution of this matter by the court.”“You are further reminded that, if the pending charge results in a conviction, this individual will be permanently disqualified from school employment,” Carabelli said, not knowing at the time that Lentz had resigned effective July 1.An Aug. 11 letter from Ocean City School District employment attorney Mark G. Toscano informs Carabelli that Lentz had submitted her notice of retirement on June 30, effective July 1, and accepted by Ocean City Board of Education on July 9.An Oct. 23 letter from Taylor to the state Board of Examiners provides the full detail required by the state. The letter includes allegations that have been unchallenged in a court of law. Lentz’s attorney, Brian Pelloni, has not responded to calls for comment.The letter is excerpted here:“Please be advised that as the Superintendent for the Board, on whose behalf l am writing in accordance with N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-4.4(a), I am advising the State Board of Examiners of the following circumstances involving Dr. Christine Lentz, who until July 1 , 2015 was employed by the Board as its Athletic Director and High School Assistant Principal. As set forth in more detail below, Dr. Lentz resigned her tenured employment after being confronted with allegations of conduct unbecoming an employee related, among other allegations, to unauthorized access of the District’s computer systems, and is also currently facing criminal charges related to same.”“By way of background, in the spring of 2015 the Board commenced negotiations with the Ocean City Administrators Association (“OCAA”) for a successor agreement since the current agreement was scheduled to expire on June 30, 2015. Dr. Lentz was a member of the OCAA’s Negotiations Committee, and may have also been serving as an officer for the OCAA during the 2015-2016 school year.”“In early May 2015, the lead representative for the OCAA during collective negotiations, Mr. Howard Mednick of the New Jersey Principals’ and Supervisors Association (NJPSA), raised concerns to the Board’s labor counsel that the OCAA Negotiations Committee, and in particular Dr. Lentz, seemed to ‘know too much’ and was aware of information that she should not have been.”“After learning of Mr. Mednick’s comments and concerns, and after conducting a preliminary investigation into the possible cause of confidential information being known to the OCAA Negotiations Committee, the Board decided to retain the services of an outside computer forensic investigative firm. That investigation discovered, among other concerns, that my previously missing iPad had been connected to and accessed from the computer that was located in Dr. Lentz’s office in Ocean City High School. The investigation further found that on the date and that my iPad was accessed and connected to Dr. Lentz’s computer, Dr. Lentz was logged onto her computer and sending emails of a professional and personal manner. Of particular note was the fact that the investigation found that my Board email account had been accessed on several occasions and from different IP addresses, without my permission, authority or knowledge from my missing iPad. The investigation also found that several other non-certificated employees had also acted in an improper manner by accessing files that they were not otherwise authorized to review.”“Upon learning of these findings, the Board’s Labor Counsel was requested and authorized to conduct an employment  investigation, as well as to report the preliminary findings to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office in light of the potential criminal conduct. With the permission of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, a number of Board employees were interviewed on Tuesday, June 23, 2015. Those interviews revealed additional details and allegations of further misconduct allegedly committed by and  attributed to Dr. Lentz. At the conclusion of those interviews, Dr. Lentz was placed on Administrative Leave with pay pending further investigation and consideration of possible tenure charges for conduct unbecoming.”“On Friday, June 26, 2015, Dr. Lentz was interviewed by the Board’s labor counsel in the presence of legal counsel provided to her by NJPSA (New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association), specifically Mr. Wayne Oppito, Esquire. During that interview, Dr. Lentz was informed of the preliminary findings from the forensic investigation, the additional allegations of misconduct that came out of the interviews with other staff and informed that Tenure Charges may be filed against her as a result. Dr. Lentz was informed that if she wished to avoid the filing of those charges and proceedings, she would have to irrevocably resign her employment with the Board by the close of business on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Dr. Lentz was also informed that regardless of whether she resigned or elected to contest the Tenure Charges, the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office could still elect to pursue criminal charges against her, and that I would still be required to report this matter and her resignation to the Board of Examiners.”“Dr. Lentz ultimately elected to resign from her tenured employment position with the Board effective July 1, 201 5 and to pursue retirement, which the Board publicly accepted at is meeting on July 9, 2015. However, in August 2015, Lentz attempted to rescind her resignation and resume her employment with the Board. Since the Board had already accepted Dr. Lentz’s resignation and acted to locate and retain a replacement, the Board declined her request to be reinstated. As of the date of this letter, no appeal or other challenge has been filed in connection with the Board’s action to accept her resignation and deny her request to be reinstated.”“Ultimately, the Cape May Prosecutor’s Office decided to file criminal charges against Dr. Lentz. Specifically, Dr, Lentz was charged and arrested for official misconduct and computer criminal activity. Those charges are currently still pending and according to the Assistant Prosecutor that is handling the matter, may be proceeding to the Grand Jury in the near future.”“The Board and its administration are cognizant of their responsibility to provide information and cooperate in this matter.”The letter includes, as an attachment, details of a forensics investigation from DFDR Consulting of Malvern, Pa.The forensics analysis, if accurate, provides a chilling view of the detailed footprints all computer users leave behind.The investigation began on the afternoon of Friday, May 29, with DFDR consultants preserving “forensic images” of Dell computers and other computer-related equipment associated with the 11 “individuals/custodians in question.”The probe preserved information from 13 USB/flash drives connected to Lentz’s computer, under her monitor and in her drawers.As the investigation expanded, two additional “collections/preservations” were conducted by DFDR on June 24.The investigation document suggests that the consulting firm was able to identify where Taylor’s iPad was synced during the time it was missing from her office, which computers her email was accessed from, which employees had read or copied email attachments (about eight documents related to negotiations seemed to be of particular interest) and even which employees had performed Google searches for things like “can internet history be traced after deleted.”DFDR contacted the Prosecutor’s Office as part of its investigation.“Since DFDR did not have direct knowledge of locations where custodians would normally access O365 (the school’s Microsoft email system) from, where they visited and where they live, the logs were turned over to Detective Bryan Hamilton of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office,” DFDR writes in its analysis. “From there, they were to focus their attention on correlation of the information.”The company’s analysis lists all connections of protected emails and documents to employees, including Lentz. The names of all current employees were redacted in the document provided to OCNJ Daily.last_img read more

In Brief

first_img– Ingredients company Macphie has launched a new website – – showcasing ingredients for bakers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers. To celebrate the launch, it is running an on-line competition to win one of five iPod nanos. Readers can log-on and register their details before April 30 for a chance to win. – THE BRITISH Society of Baking is seeking a new chairman for its biannual conferences, as current chair Jean Grieves steps down. It says the ideal candidate will have strong organisational skills, a passion for the industry and the ability to communicate with the leading players in the world of bakery. Contact Sharon Byrne at the BSB on 01869 247098 for details, or email [email protected]last_img read more

Fruition’s New Album Is A True ‘Labor Of Love’ [A Review]

first_imgPortland, Oregon’s own Americana band Fruition have lived up to their name with their latest release, Labor Of Love. From their days busking in the streets for spare change to the stages of Bonnaroo, the band has made a steady climb towards this new level through a mixture of hard work, talent, and a seemingly unwavering commitment to improve themselves as a band.The three singer/songwriters that make up the creative core of Fruition, Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek, and Mimi Naja all share the same general musical aesthetic of string music done soulfully. Having multiple songwriting perspectives can be a blessing and a curse for a band. If the thoughts and sounds put forth don’t mesh, the music runs the risk of not fully engaging the listener. That said, like the legendary group The Band, Fruition’s parts are all working together to keep the music going in the same direction.Now, releasing an album of impressive original material that culminates all their efforts and creates a collection of songs that provide a snapshot into the bands minds and hearts. The album leads off with the title track, “Labor Of Love,” which shows the effortless nature of the band’s musical blending. Mixing rougher sounds like distorted guitars and mandolins at the same time as the three vocalist partake in a old school “Call-And-Response” that shows an absolute comfort that enables the band to focus their energy fully on the job at hand. Though their skill sets my differ, they are completely in harmony with each other..Check out the first video from the album, “Labor Of Love”, below.The next track gives Mimi Naja a chance to shine in a bluesy, almost gospel like spiritual direction; a wistful ode to a too-far-away love, and a promise to move to the mythical city of “Santa Fe.” Naja’s voice is as powerful as any of the modern blues ladies, and she exudes a startling mix of confidence in her skill and vulnerability in her lyrics that grabs the very hearts of listeners and never lets go. Asebroek contributes some divine organ to that track, and drops his first contribution to the proceedings on the next track, “The Meaning.” His more lilting tones and the three part harmonies make a bit of musical alchemy, making the resultant blend truly golden.The rhythm section of Jeff Leonard on bass and Tyler Thompson on drums have a difficult job backing these accomplished writers, and their various takes on the material. Though they are called upon to keep the momentum going in times of near silence and absolute abandon they manage both points of the spectrum and all those in between in a way that many bands could learn from. The lack of musical ego in these songs is refreshing.  Everyone in Fruition seems to be far more concerned with the songs integrity above and beyond all else, and the result, especially on tracks like “Falling On My Face” and “Beside You.”As the album winds to a close ,a bit of darkness creeps in around the edges within the psychedelic tune “Early Morning Wake Up,” which seems to capture the spirit of some of the denser oddities of the sixties while still remaining contemporary and easily related. Their string band roots show through in the short, succinct “Death Comes Knockin,” a defiant, grinding bluegrass number that could have easily be written a hundred years ago, but again seems as timely and as present as anything on the album. To finish out the album, the band delivers a blast of pure intentions through Naja’s fierce howl, as she cries out what might actually serve as a mission statement for these five talented friends. She sings of their drive to always move forward, no matter the cost. She sings of the possibility that she, and the rest, are losing ground, when that is clearly not the case.Labor Of Love is a startling complete record, sure of itself and what it’s trying to say. Fruition have reached a new level with this album, but if their past is anything to judge them by, there is much to look forward to from Fruition. But until then, they’ve given the world a wonderful example of what dedication and soul can accomplish when people work together.last_img read more

With Bailouts Under Federal Scrutiny, Ohio Utilities ‘Look to Legislature’

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Ohio utilities are likely to urge an end to the state’s current competitive market for generation and take other actions in the wake of federal regulators’ decision this week to halt wholesale electric deals for affiliates’ less competitive plants.On Wednesday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced it would require commission scrutiny before American Electric Power and FirstEnergy could enter into deals with their generation affiliates to buy all the power from certain power plants that have been less competitive in the markets.“[T]his Commission has an independent role to ensure that wholesale sales of electric energy and capacity are just and reasonable and to protect against affiliate abuse,” FERC said in its orders.On Thursday, AEP spokesperson Melissa McHenry indicated that the company would now be undertaking a “strategic review” of the plants.The comments track remarks made earlier in the morning by AEP CEO Nick Akins.FirstEnergy CEO Chuck Jones has previously said he would end deregulation of Ohio’s competitive electricity market “in a heartbeat.”Industry competitors, consumer protection organizations and environmental groups have called the proposed deals “bailouts,” because they would require all ratepayers to guarantee sales and a profit for certain power plants, regardless of whom customers choose as their electricity supplier.With ‘bailouts’ under federal scrutiny, Ohio utilities look to legislature With Bailouts Under Federal Scrutiny, Ohio Utilities ‘Look to Legislature’last_img read more

Is biometric security already obsolete?

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Here is one more thing to keep your IT department up at night.An international security consulting firm, has created quite the stir across the pond by reporting that hackers have already figured out not only how to steal biometric data from ATM machines but also how to commercialize the sale of devices facilitating its capture.On September 22, 2016, Kaspersky Lab reported  there are already at least 12 sellers offering skimmers capable of stealing victims’ fingerprints from ATMs. In addition, at least three underground sellers are already researching devices that could illegally obtain data from palm vein and iris recognition systems. By the way. this is in addition to reports demonstrating  that it is possible for hackers to steal information stored on EMV chip cards. continue reading »last_img read more

Call for expressions of interest for the implementation of the project “Sports Croatia” in 2019 has been published

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board has published a Call for expressions of interest for the implementation of the “Sports Croatia” project for 2019. This Call plans, through special marketing and PR cooperation on top sports projects, to establish partnerships with organizers of top international sports competitions in Croatia and top Croatian athletes in order to further promote in the emitting markets, the CNTB points out.”With top sports projects, we want to raise awareness of Croatia as an attractive tourist destination with a diverse tourist offer throughout the year and thus influence the increase in demand for Croatian tourist products, increase tourist traffic and ultimately increase general consumption,” said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, adding that the “Sports Croatia” project combines tourism and sports, which is what makes Croatia the most recognizable in the world.Interested partners are required to submit an application and their own presentation of cooperation proposals with a detailed presentation of each proposed activity by e-mail to [email protected] no later than Friday, December 21, 2018.The final decision on the selection of partners for the implementation of strategic promotional campaigns will be made by the CNTB Tourist Board.The text of the Call with all detailed information is available in the attachment:Attachment: Call for expressions of interest for the implementation of the project “Sports Croatia” in 2019 has been publishedlast_img read more